Connecting the Touch & Usual Desktop Facilities: Windows 8

Windows 8

In a very near feature Microsoft is going to launch the full original version of their Windows 8. Some are saying that it will be touch capable yet another group of users claiming it to be as it is like the previous ones. But on the contrary of these rumors, this OS is going to be a touch as well as the existing operating systems.

It is very unlikely of the users to think about a tablet featuring the windows 8. Microsoft is providing a start screen facility where there will be a huge number of built-in applications. They also claimed that any user can add more applications of his choice to that start screen from the Microsoft store, if he or she has the correct authorization. If the customers make themselves confine into that start screen and get used to it, it will not really have to leave that screen.

But in spite of the fact of the touch screens and facilities in a tablet, windows 8 have a very familiar desktop environment which is waiting for you at the back. It is fully a mouse driven interface. So it doesn’t matter how much you are attracted to the touch facility, you still have to use the windows 8 like any of the other normal windows operating system.

But don’t think that this will cost windows 8 as it is like a deal breaker, but it gives this operating system a dual identity. E.g. let us assume that a user prefers to use iTunes rather than using the start screen application for music provided by Microsoft. He or she can make a shortcut of iTunes at the startup but as soon as he or she starts to run that application, windows 8 will through them back to the desktop environment. It happens not only for iTunes but also for any application that are not provided in the windows 8 or obtained via windows store.

This is a very easy and understandable situation. The developers of iTunes and other this kind of software did not make any version compatible with the windows 8 start screen. If the developers make more software with start screen oriented, then the users will definitely get the software in their start screen with a touch experience.

Another thing is the Media Center of Windows 8. The media center seems to be the most problematic application from the very beginning to which the company currently does not possess any idea. It is included only in the up gradation from windows 7 but not with the installation of a fresh copy of windows 8. But one can still add it to the start screen like previous.

To give the touch experience to all the mouse users, Microsoft is also launching touch mice to the market. It will suddenly add a newer experience to the customers. But let us still stay optimistic about this operating system. It is very common to say that everyone is not going to like this new interface and applications. Microsoft may again change a few of their strategies in the meanwhile but they will surely curve something new by the touch.