Conceal your information within unused data using Steganography


Lot of general and software security is being needed by various online and offline agencies and offices. A lot of documents are being required daily and being furnished onto places which may not be a full secure platform. This requires the use of processes or technologies which can be used to hide the required file within some other file or document. Steganography is that unique process which allows performing such task. It mixes unused data with useful information such as HTML, floppy disks or even sound and text. Images can also be hid using this technique. There are some areas in which the encryption process is not permitted. The files can be hidden in that field. The freeware versions of the software are available in various websites. At ancient times, this process was used by Greeks to hide the encryption on wooden blocks by use of wax. It also does not attract users like the cryptography case. The information can be concealed within the computer files.



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