The best eBook readers in market

Everyone knows what an eBook reader is but a few know how to differentiate among them or which one to choose among them. All of the devices are designed for one purpose and that is to read eBook and journals. With almost all books being available as eBooks it has become a necessity for every book lover to have one of these. But there is always the question as to why should we prefer an eBook reader over hard copies, smart phones and tablets.

There are many reasons why we must make use of an eBook reader that is books available in compatible formats will never go out of stock so it won’t be a problem to find them, they will save paper and cost less than the hard copies. The other electronic readers such as the smart phones and tablets have better screens but they have higher refresh rates which make them much more suitable for interaction but the eBook readers provide a better readability in bright and low light and provide a good battery backup of about a week or two or in some cases more than that when no connected to internet.

The things to look for in an eBook reader is better readability, good resolution, pixel/dot density, size (matters to some people), adjustable brightness and a good battery backup. These are only a few things to look out for when thinking of buying an eBook reader. There are many more things to look out for in case you are thinking of buying the best available in the market. The front lit touchscreen separates them from their counterparts and make it easy for the users to read documents even when it’s dark.

With so many e-readers available it becomes quite difficult for everyone to find the right one for them. We have some readers narrowed down to the top of their category for you.

Amazon Kindle Voyage:

The current king of e-readers and the best there is till date but it’s for those who don’t mind to pitch in extra bucks just to get the best in the market.


Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (2013):

This is the best budget e-reader from Amazon with a 1GHz processor and 4GB internal memory which gives you a lot of space to store your books.

kindle paperwhite

Barnes and Noble Nook GlowLight:

Although it comes in the same range as that of the Kindle Paperwhite but still it does not beat it but in case you don’t want to go with a kindle reader this would be a good choice.


Amazon Kindle (2014):

This is much cheaper than all the other e-readers and provides a good reading experience and comes sans the integrated light.


Kobo Glo:

This the best option in case you are seeking for EPUB compatibility and international options.

Kobo Glo