Bejeweled- the gem swapping game


There is no other more popular game that makes use of gems than the PopCap fans favorite Bejeweled. Since 2001, one year after PopCap was formed, the game has been a bestseller among computer users.

Bejeweled, a “match three” puzzle game, can be played by almost everyone who would like to play it. It does not require too much studying of the rules. In fact, when you open Bejeweled, you can play right away, without reading the How To Play instructions or without asking any help from anyone who has played the game before you.

How it came to be: Though it seems like it is, Bejeweled is not at all original. The concept of Bejeweled is inspired by the Russian programmed game Shariki, which was released seven years before the release of Bejeweled. Instead of gems, the Shariki used circles with different colors. It was kinda like the dull version of Bejeweled. The same gameplay is adapted by the PopCap game. However, Bejeweled is the best among the “match three” puzzle games that were influenced by

Popularity and influence: Internet sites have offered to host the game Bejeweled before and it was not a failure. The game became an instant hit.

Today, there are many version of Bejeweled that you can find on the internet. There’s Bejeweled Twist, a spinoff that changed the gameplay of the game. In Bejeweled Twist, instead of changing gems, you rotate them so to match them. This makes the game a lot different from other version. Another version, the bejeweled Blitz, was first an application for Facebook. This version can only be played in one minute and can be played against another Facebook user. This gathered a lot of attention because, before the Bejeweled Blitz, people can only play the game in solo.

There has been many competition on the internet that give away prizes for winners in Bejeweled contests.

New version:. While the web application is still available on the internet, the Bejeweled application for iPhones became available in Apple’s prominent store, the iTunes.

Six years after its first release, PopCap declared that they will be making a Playstation 2 version and another version for the Xbox 360 platform.

Because of its popularity, there has been many games that have adapted the gameplay of Shariki and Bejeweled. These include even a mini-game in another popular PopCap game, Plants Vs  Zombies. At first look, no one will be wrong that Beghouled and Beghouled Twist is a clone of the Bejeweled game, only you are playing with plants which are fighting zombies trying to invade your house through the lawn.

Another clone of the Bejeweled game is the Jewel Quest. It is easy to spot that Jewel Quest is inspired by Bejeweled because it also makes use of gems as items in the match three puzzle. The only difference is that Jewel Quest has a story which is set in the Mayan era.

Gameplay: When you are playing Bejeweled, you will see a bar at the bottom of your screen. This indicated how many match threes you have successfully eliminated in the puzzle. When you reach the end of the bar, you will then have to replay the game on another level.  If there are no moves left – if there are no gems to be matched left – it is then game over. During the game, the more gems you have matched, the more points you will get. Then the more points you get, the faster you get to the next level.

You can also play the game in Time Trial mode. In this mode, you will see that the bar will be half full when you start. This bar gradually decreases when you are not matching any gems.

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