Beautifying Nails without The Art


Often seen, young girls are getting nail art done on the finely clipped and long nails of hands. And if you intend to follow we have more than few reasons to stop you. Although it’s not we are against it, we definitely support fashion trends of 2013, but there are something’s critics have their own opinion on. Nails are definitely an important part of girl’s life. From maintaining those to taking care of their healthy, healthy nails definitely work at office. A well manicured hands and a nice nail polish can work wonders. Not only it impresses the one sitting across the table but also helps you stand out. Although reds, maroon, black and pinks work well with girls who follow 2013 fashion trend you can also opt for lighter shades like white, silver, shimmer and lighter shades if your hands are not fair. Nail art gives you a way to show your nails as an art or trick a style with different nail colors and attractive tattoos. But these can be one once in a while when you are trying to just style for a pajama party. But if you work in a field which makes you serve the clients you ought to take care that your nails are clean, well polished and manicured.  The fashion trends 2013 although gives you variety of options. Shades of red are certainly high on the list this season. Just get a manicure done and then apply the color coat you desire. From regular change of color to applying protein coat to make your nails shine naturally you must know what should be your routine nail schedule. The fashion trends of 2013 have been very strict with colors and nail polishes. There are so many different brands which offer a complete pack for nail health. And if you want shining nails without any application of nude nail paints you must have healthy schedule. 2013 fashion trends tell you to color your nail with bright colors and whenever you are going opt make sure that you paint them well and afresh. Match it with your dress or just opt for bright red or pink to make your hand look beautiful. And it helps you leave quite an impression on the other person it also lets people know how well you keep yourself. Don’t ignore your nails. Fashion trends of 2013 may give you an option to file them round or straight, just opt for the size and shape you are comfortable with paint them in the color you like.



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