ASUS TAICHI – The next-gen corporate tablet convertible notebook


ASUS Electronics reveals its ultraportable notebook cum tablet i.e. ASUS TAICHI with dual displays (ULTRABOOK IN FRONT, TABLET IN BACK). TAICHI is a revolutionary new product that combines the power of an ultrabook with intelligent features. The TAICHI series is also loaded with windows 8 OS. It’s mainly designed for those people who work in corporate sectors; so that they can make the best use of it as its front screen can do the work of projector to some extent. TAICHI is fed with Intel Ivy Bridge Core i7 processors, SSD storage with 4 GB RAM, dual-band 802.11n Wi-Fi and both screens also have built-in cameras, FHD/Super IPS+ displays with full 1920×1080 HD resolutions.  Only the outside display is featured with touch screen functionality. Now TAICHI series is available in two sizes of display i.e. 13.3 inch and 11.6 inch.  So those who are confused to buy notebook or tablet can take this product as it is light and thin which weighs 2.86 pound and is only 0.71-inch thick. These two displays can be used independently, so user can even share the device with another user and can do completely different task with each display.