Applying the law of gravity with Cut the Rope

cut the rope


The creator of such a game is ZeptoLab of Russia. The publisher of such a game is Chillingo. When this type of application is in the form of game the main concept becomes very easy to understand by all. Moreover it is a puzzled base game so that it is quite interesting and help children’s to develop their mind. When it works on iOS it uses the Crystal service while using Android as a platform it mainly uses Score loop as a networking services. Thus Cut the Rope works mostly on all platforms which increase the registration of people for it. When it was first launched it was available from App store. Moreover it is free of cost which also helped it to gain popularity. It gives competition to the most popular game Angry Birds and so many people are addicted to it.


Cut the Rope mainly depends on the candy collection. A crazy green monster called Om Nom is collecting the candy by their mouth. It also involves collection of stars along with the candy. These all makes the game very interesting and enjoyable. You might think that what is meant by the name cut the Rope. Here the stars and the candy which is eaten by the monster is been hanged on the titular rope. It also has a professor which works as a commentator and his commentary makes the game more enjoyable. Cut the Rope also includes some other helping elements like rope guns, water, etc.

Instructions to play game

Cut the Rope is very easy to play.AS said before Om Nom has to eat all the candy and stars that are hanged by the rope; the player has just to cut down that rope. So the rope is been cut and the stars and candy are entered in the monsters mouth. The user has to simply cut the rope with the help of swipe on the screen. There are also other objects by which the rope can be cutted of and it is through bellows and floating bubbles. There are three stars at each level which are to be collected along with the candy so that electricity hazards are avoided. When you collect all the stars the candy which you collect are within the box which can increase your score.

Different packs

Cut the Rope is available in different packs. There are 125 levels in total and five different settings. Each setting involves 25 levels and so the game becomes very interesting. When we are playing the game we are very eager to cross each levels and step to different settings. These different settings include getting started, shooting the candy, sticky steps, rocket science and Bath time. This all settings forces us to play more and more .We all are eager to complete all the levels and which for something new in it.


Cut the Rope has gained lots of popularity which led the creator to create another sequel of the game. This sequel includes the same environment as the original Cut the Rope but has added some new elements. So, now download it and enjoy the playing.

Click here to download the game.