Apple Watch Discrimination: Cannot work with Tattooed Wrists

The art of tattooing has been an urban cult, but before being such a style statement in the modern times, it has been a heritage, ever since the settlement of civilization. The tattooing culture is a very intense practice. As much as you frown upon, everyone deeply admires it. More than a medium of expression, the tattooing is a spiritual practice which only expresses to impress.

Well, this is what the tattoo aficionados have to say for themselves. Nope I do not sport any tattoo anywhere, although I believe in the art of expression, and respect the freedom of individual to express in any medium. Well I accept this practice, even the society has somehow accepted it, but it seems that Apple Watches are the recent ones who are seemingly revolting against the tattooed arms.

Apple Watch

That’s right! The Apple Watch, which is the emerging trend setter ever since its extravagant launch, it seems to rebel against the popular cult of tattooing, as the Apple watch is reported to malfunction when it comes to the tattooed arms. The apple watch is automatically activated, when it is connected to your wrist. Contrary to its competitors, it has the edge, for it can unlock each time the user puts it on. Well, apparently the ink interferes with infrared sensors of the Watch, which results into improper functioning of the watch. Well improper function will be a rather mild term to say, with your watch seeming to be bricked and non-functional. These infra sensors are the same ones which gave the Apple watch the edge, with its highly accurate heartbeat tracking monitor and while authenticating Apply pay, meaning you will not be able to enjoy the icing that Apple Watch has to offer, all because you have that tattoo on your arms which have driven the girls crazy about you and the dudes admiring you.

There were multiple users, who earlier thought their apple was a faulty device, but re-testing and troubleshooting the device, they came to the decision that everything was conclusively alright. The device after sporting at the un-tattooed arm, the users realized the real problem.

The device apparently works fine, but will ask you to enter your passcode once you wear it on a tattooed arm. Frustrating annoying to unlock the watch every time, the users are retaliating and demanding Apple to fix this hardware issue.


Based on the extensive research from “iMore”, it was concluded that the sensors were, in-fact incapable of detecting the tattooed arm, because the heat signatures from the inked arm were not recognized by the device. Because each colour has a different heat signature due to different wavelengths, the sensor readings seemingly vary depending on the hue and shade of your epidermis ink.

If you are a tattoo enthusiast adorning a good old lightly shaded lines and patterns; there’s nothing to worry for you. But ever if you are among the ones with the hulking humongous and dark shaded tattoos; newsflash homeboy, Apple watch will not work for you. FYI Apple is not being racist with people, and it doesn’t mean that dark colour is always problematic, it is just that there is a variation in the heat signatures from the natural pigmentation and the artificial ink.

Heavily enraged and infuriated, there have been all sorts of catcalls and rage storm against the Apple watch. Surprisingly indeed, there has been no official word from Apple executives regarding the existence of this problem, but clearly enough Houston, we got a problem.



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