A new Student oriented social networking website ‘So.cl’ from Microsoft

social networking website ‘So.cl’ from Microsoft

Microsoft officially unveiled its answer to successful social network sites like Facebook, twitter, Google+, LinkedIn by its “So.cl” (pronounced-: ‘social’). Microsoft has opened up its so.cl social networking service to the general public, which lets users share and comment on others. It is basically focusing on students and the future of social experiences with learning. Everyone has something to say about its interest; so you can share and express your ideas with beautiful collages and contents. Here, a user can get a vast exposure to knowledge and discover new topics. By sharing this, the user is helping others on what they are looking for.  By connecting with friends, you can ask questions which matters you, can comment and share pictures. “So.cl” is giving great place to meet new people, chat with them and make new friends. Users can identify people who are interested in the same topics, monitor their associates’ feeds and take part in “video parties” during which members watch online videos together, comment on them via chat function.

Microsoft‘s “So.cl” is developed by Fuse Labs and it integrates with facebook, so fb users can sign in to “So.cl” just by logging through facebook. Users are invited to create search using the Bing search engine technology and external links, by which they can share data with others. The project could also help Microsoft in further improvement of Bing’s search capabilities. Microsoft developed “So.cl” after being inspired by the ideas of famous social networking sites and YouTube.