A fruity experience with fruit ninja

fruit ninja

Fruit ninja is a video game related to fruit which is played on a touch pad or iPad. The game was created and developed to run on the windows phone by Halfbrick studios and later became available on many sources. It is very well acclaimed by both public and the critics. The fruit slicing game has become very popular and now is available in many different flavors. Also it is the most purchased application on iPads and iPhones. Most of the people pay it daily as it is very simple and interesting. The fruits appear on the screen and you just need to slice them up. But you need to be careful about the bombs that may appear. If you slice them you may lose a life. Slowly many fruits will start appearing on the screen and you will have to slice them all. The unsliced ones can cause you to lose a life. You may score multiple points if you manage to slice many fruits together.

The fruit ninja is played on many platforms. You may get the best gaming experience of you use a touch phone or an iPad. The iPads offer you many modes for slicing the fruits. You are given two modes to choose from. You can play the classic mode in which you have three lives and you can play till they are lost. As soon as you slice a bomb you lose a bomb. The next one is a Zen mode in which you are given 90 seconds and you are awards points at the end of the 90 seconds. It depends on the number of fruits you have sliced. You will see no bombs in the Zen mode. The best part is that it offers multiplayer option. You and your friend can play both the classic and the Zen mode. Also you can throw a bomb on your partner to add thrill to the game. It has many levels and by gaining more point you can unlock many levels and other goodies which would get added to your account. It is a very interesting game. The new forms of the fruit ninja have added many new stages to the game. Arcade mode has been added which has three special fruits that adds up points, bonuses, freezes the time and adds more time to the game. A ninja frenzy mode is also added which adds up craziness in the game.

The fruits ninja can be best played and experienced on the touch phones or pads. You just need to slide your fingers on the touch screen to slice them up. A good android phone can help you get the best experience while playing. When you slice the fruit the juice splashes everywhere which gives a realistic feel. Using lower android phones would fail to give the realistic feel. Also it uses the 3D graphics which makes everything look real. Many effects can be seen. Swiping the finger on the screen causes certain effects like giving a white glow which makes people feel the game. There are two versions for the fruit ninja one is the free version and the other one is the paid one.

Fruit ninja is game with a combination of both graphics and the 3D effects which makes the game even more interesting. All the android devices come with the game installed already. The latest android version can help you play the game very well. The touch screens can help you get the best experience while playing the fruit ninja. The game for PC is also now available. It is the most interesting game available and played worldwide.

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