A Few Step Solutions for Wi-Fi Network Problems

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Wireless network system is the most popular among the consumers in present days. No problems with wires and a wide range of access is the key that attracts customers. But yet, many of them face some problems like slow speed, interference in their private network etc. So in this article we will discuss about the solutions of these problems.

At first, let us discuss about the placement positions:

The Perfect Location

A wireless modem works by the principle of emitting signals to every direction. You can think of a sphere in center of which the router in placed and only the people inside that sphere can get the signal. The signals go more horizontally than vertically and tend to lower from their source. So the place just middle of your house is best. You can also place router in the middle of house and then connect it with the modem by coaxial cables. By this, you can take the advantage of having your router at the best place.

Keep an Eye on the Surroundings

Any wireless signal gives the best performance in an open and clear environment like in outdoors. This performance cannot be achieved in clumsy place. So to work this thing up, you can start with cleaning the surrounding of the access point of your router specially the way you wish the signal to reach. Do not put the router in a closet, make sure not have TV or any electronic device in between. The best place is air but any of the clear and high place should do the trick. You can put it on a desk or can hang on a wall.

Work on the Positioning of Antenna

Many of these routers come with an external antenna. By this, the previously described sphere of coverage can be given a little tweak i.e. to spread the signals wide, make sure to have the antenna in vertical position but if you consider the height, make the antenna horizontal. But these positioning may not work for everyone.

Let us now look upon the perfect equipment for you:

Have an extra Access Point

An extra access point will give you the privilege to spread your network even further. In the big houses, place the 2nd access point further the limit of the Wi-Fi network. This way you can increase the range.

Use a Range Extender or Repeater

This device just receives a signal and rebroadcast it furthermore. So by this one can have an increased range. But this device has a major drawback since it can cause a huge interference with the actual signals. So don’t put them close.

Finally, let us inform you about the security:

Make your Network Truly Private    

The problem of low bandwidth is mainly caused by unauthorized users. So to make the network secure, first go to control panel of the router. By typing “ipconfig” in the command prompt you can get the IP and by typing in the browser you can get to the control panel.

Change the Password

In the control panel you can see the default password. Change it. It is the most common way to make secure your network.

Hide the SSID

There is a default name provided as the SSID for which reason anyone can see your network. Change this and it will make your network hidden from others. You just have to type it manually when you connect.

There are some other measures like to change the MAC address. But do not go to that extent. Make sure to do this and it will help you to get rid of the bad network connection.



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