A Brief Review of the Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse

microsoft wedge touch mouse

The Wedge Touch Mouse introduced by Microsoft is an extremely compact and useful device. This device works as a four way scrolling with single finger touch. This product wonderfully compliments the stylish Android tablets and other computers. Executive class officers and high ranking professionals will find an ultimate gadget matching their class of living within this ultra portable mouse. The bulk that is added in extra by the normal mouse is eliminated by the Wedge Touch Mouse and hence comfortable and stylish mouse becomes available to the users.

The shape of this mouse is non ergonomic but this does not stand as a barrier towards the efficient working mechanism of this Microsoft tool. The grip of the users hand will rest of the comfortable metallic plate and the front end is for scrolling and selection. The front end gradually narrows down by a very thin margin to expand the comfort of the user using this mouse by easy gripping techniques. The contact with the surface of the users hand exactly matches the standard surface touch of any normal mouse as it happens with the Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse.

The regular hand position while any normal mouse is in use is automatically assumed during the use of this advanced form of mouse of the Microsoft. The clicking techniques of this Wedge Touch Mouse exactly match an average or standard mouse. There are dual options of right click and left click like any other mouse. These two clicking operations can be done on the front as well as the rear end. Thus casual approach towards its use can be applied without hampering the work and performance. Clicking zones are present for the users to face less complexity while using it.

Inertial scrolling system is installed in this mouse and hence the easier scrolling can be done without unnecessary wastage of time. On a test personal computer with Windows 8 installed in it, this Wedge Touch Mouse have been officially tested and certified to work brilliantly well. This mouse works equally well on Windows 7 installed laptop, Android installed computers and tablets, Mac book and other gadgets.

Future plans regarding the multi finger use and other add on features may or may not be present in the plan list of Microsoft. For now this Wedge Touch Mouse deals with just the basic features of any normal mouse. The elegant look, stylish color and ultra portable nature of the mouse make it posh and perfect for people of class and dignity. The peripherals of computer use have been made easier by this user friendly and scientifically excellent mouse.

The top surface of this mouse has a matte finish. This top surface bears the fingers of the user at a slightly angled position and then dragged to ensure perfect scrolling through it. The touch mouse that is launched in the market by Microsoft is further developed by the company engineers to make this Wedge Touch Mouse. Hence one can be sure about the absence of multi touch pad in this mouse.




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