9 fantastic reasons why having twins is amazing

Everyone at some point in life starts planning for kids. However, nuisance they might be, they do fill our lives with joy. Imagine all the joy you get from your baby. Think of all the moments which are created when a baby is born in our lives. Now, just multiply that by two. That is what you experience when you are the lucky couple to have twins. Here are 9 reasons why having twins is simply awesome.

  1. The two for one deal

Twin with parents

As much fun it is to have kids around your house, pregnancy is equally difficult and tiring. So if you happen to have 2 kids in just one pregnancy, it is a deal. Isn’t it? Today, when most couples plan for only 2 kids, it is a blessing to have them in one go and save yourself from the hassles of pregnancy yet again.

  1. Centre of attraction

Because of the fact that twins are not so common, when you are pregnant with twins, you automatically become a rock star among your near and dear ones. And while you are beat down with the issues of pregnancy, who doesn’t like being a celebrity once in a while.

  1. More love for husband

Twin with dad

It is not because he impregnated you with twins. It is simply because, incase of twins, husbands often become like a second mom. When both your babies wake you up in the middle of night, both of you need to tend to them. Now, husbands helping their wives with the poop and drool of kids are certainly a recipe for more love and affection later on for the husband.

  1. Photo Opportunities

twin photoshoot

Well, do I even need to elaborate on this? With one baby at home, parents often end up keeping their camera ever ready to catch and preserve any memory and moment, imagine what it would be like when there are two of them, both similar and yet unique in more than one ways.

  1. Best Buds


Twins, more than often are instant playmates. They bond well and have each other’s back even when they are very young. You might think I am crazy to say this after looking at your twins fighting all day. But, make no mistake, as they grow up, they will be bounded stronger than anyone else.

  1. The ever ready excuse

Being a mother of twins, you can always be ready with an excuse for almost anything and everything you do or do not wish to do. Whether it is to order a take away instead of cooking or simply ignore all the phone calls, everything is fine, you have twins.



  1. The Twin Bond

Twin baby feet

Siblings have immense love for each other. But, the bond which twins share is simply incomparable. And surprisingly the bond is formed right at birth and grows stronger with each passing day.

  1. Endless Entertainment

Twin fun

Twins, without any doubt are expensive. You end up paying twice than what you initially planned while having a baby. But, all of this comes with absolutely top grade free of cost entertainment. And the fun is endless.