8 reasons why you should go vegetarian

We are increasingly becoming more and more inclined towards foods that appeal to our taste buds rather than what is good for health. Add to it the lifestyle followed by most people which is nowhere close to being healthy. We are seeing an exponential rise in the intake of non vegetarian junk food while according to most health experts it is time to inculcate a vegetarian diet. Here are the top 8 reasons as to why you should turn vegan from today.

  1. Humans are inherently vegetarian


Our hands were made to collect fruits and grow vegetables and not tear apart the animal flesh. Similarly our teeth are perfect for chewing grains and not flesh. Alpha amylase is an enzyme found only in herbivores and humans whose entire purpose is to break down complex carbohydrates found in plant food. Nature has designed us humans to be vegetarian and going against the nature is always disastrous in long run.

  1. Escape toxic food contaminants


Flesh foods contains excessive amounts of herbicides, pesticides and many more toxins which are fat soluble and thus eating them leads to entry of concentrate dosage of such harmful elements in our body.

  1. Reduce the risk of heart disease


In comparison, vegetarian foods contain lower levels of cholesterol and saturated fats. This results in a much lower risk of heart diseases. In today’s world where heart disease is the number one killer all over the world, it is only logical to adopt vegetarianism to live a long and healthy life.

  1. Get slimmer and sexier


Obesity rate is way higher among those who eat non vegetarian foods as compared to pure vegetarians. It is primarily because the latter diet is low in fat and higher in nutrients.

  1. Helps in slower ageing


Not only do vegetarians outlive non vegetarians but the former also have a slower ageing process. While so many people spend so much just to look younger, it could be very easily achieved by merely following a vegan diet.

  1. Reduces the risk of cancer

lung cancer

The risk of cancer is greatly reduced when among those who follow a vegetarian diet. Research has shown that many meat items contain carcinogenic compounds such as HCA and PAH which increases the risk of cancer. So for those who would like to avoid this deadly disease, it is very much recommended to go vegan.

  1. Save the planet by reducing global warming


One of the peculiar advantages of going vegan is reducing the global warming we all face today. Like we know 2015 was the warmest year of mother earth, going vegan could go a long way in curbing the rising global temperature. The reason is livestock generate more greenhouse gases than all the vehicles in the world combined.

  1. Compassion for animals


While we have laws protecting dogs and cats against cruelty, there isn’t any law protecting the animals to be slaughtered for pleasing out taste buds. Being vegetarian is equivalent to being a compassionate human being who shows kindness other creations of the nature.