8 food items meat lovers should eat to build stronger muscles

In recent times the number of people hitting the gym has seen a manifold increase. They train hard to get lean muscles but in the meantime they often forget about the importance of nutrition. Along with a proper exercise regimen it is equally crucial to have proper nutrition in order to achieve a robust muscle growth. Protein is the most essential nutrient required to build stronger muscles.

food items meat lovers should eat to build stronger muscles

Often, people have to face a tradeoff between taste and health. But when it comes to building muscles there are quite a few mouth watering dishes for the meat lovers which cater to both health and the taste buds.

Here are 8 food items that will give the muscle builders a high protein boost they need.

  1. Eggs – Apart from being easily available and affordable, eggs are a major source of protein. Cholesterol found in the yolk of the egg help in increasing one’s strength and leaner muscles, as it decreases bad cholesterol (LDL) particles responsible for atherosclerosis. However it is always advisable to go for egg whites, as they are less fattening and a lot healthier. eggs
  2. Turkey – Turkeys are infamous for high cholesterol and sodium content which is not good for health, however, it has very high protein content as well. This makes it recommendable to those who want to achieve a robust muscle growth.  turkey
  3. Chicken Breast – This is known as one of the most favorite food items of muscle builders. It is full of protein and contains low fat and cholesterol as compared to other parts of chicken. Hence it helps in adding lean muscles to a great extent. It is also very affordable and is easily available in the market. chicken-breast
  4. Prawns– Low in calories, it is considered one of the healthiest foods available around the world. It not only contains protein, but also has vitamin B6, B12 and zinc in large quantity which is very nutritious and highly advisable to people aiming to build muscles. prawns
  5. Lean Beef –   It should be the staple food for people who are struggling to build muscles. It contains high amounts of protein and amino acid which work with insulin to increase muscle weight and helps to lose fat in the body. lean beef
  6. Salmon – It contains mono saturated fats that are required for the growth of muscle. Heavy workouts can and does reduce the content of mono saturated fats in our body. Salmon helps in growing muscles by replenishing burned out omega-3 fatty acids. salmon
  7. Crab meat – For the meat lovers, sea food has a lot of potential to help them achieve their goals. Crabs are rich in zinc and calcium which helps to strengthen the bones. High bone density is crucial consistent and sustained muscle growth. crab meat
  8. Mutton – It contains high amount of amino acids and argentine that helps build muscles in our body. Red meat contains lot of fats and from a nutritionists perspective it is healthier to have mutton in stakes and stews instead of fried items.