7 simple habits to live a healthy life

If you go on Google and look for food items you should eat, you will end up having just salads. And the exercise routine they often prescribe is not something everyone can do. So does it mean, healthy lifestyle is not really possible? Well, do not get disheartened. There are quite a few things which you can easily do in order to remain healthy and fit. And it won’t ask you to sacrifice too much. All you need to do is inculcate some healthy habits and you are set for life.

  1. Get good sleep


Getting a good night sleep is a precursor to health. No matter how busy you are, it is of utmost importance to get adequate amount of sleep. Depending on your lifestyle and responsibilities, you should try to get atleast seven hours of sleep. It will not only keep you fresh for the next day but will also give your body time to rejuvenate and heal.

  1. Eat slowly and with ease


Relax yourself while you are having your meal and make sure what you eat isn’t just some junk catering to your taste buds. Make sure, they are good for your body as well.

  1. Drink ample amount of water


It is very crucial to drink lots of water. It not only helps in proper digestion, but also reduces the toxicity in your body and keeps your inner system functional.

  1. Walk/Run for half an hour


Everyone should make sure that they move around every day for at least thirty minutes. It doesn’t really matter if you run, walk or cycle. What is important is that you make sure you do a physically active task for sometime every day and you body mind and soul will remain healthy.

  1. Think Positive

Think positive,

Keeping a healthy mind is as important as keeping a healthy body. And the former is possible only if you do not take stress and a positive outlook in life. Do yoga or, meditate or just sit in silence for sometime everyday and introspect. Make sure you have your priorities set right.

  1. Steer clear of Junk food


To start with, remove all the junk food from your kitchen. If you do not keep it, chances are you will not eat it too. This alone will go a long way in keeping you healthy. Also as an alternative, snack on nut when you feel the urge to eat something. This will not only keep your belly full but will also enrich your body with the necessary nutrients.

  1. Short but Intense workout


Most people who do not exercise or are lazy to hit the gym complain of the lack of time in their busy schedule. For them, this is a perfect solution. Every day, you should try to do a full body workout. You need not spend an hour to do so. You could just do some intensive cardio and workout intensely in short span of time and then take rest. This will keep you fit without having to spend a lot of time.