7 Easy Ways to eating healthier without any significant changes

Healthy eating has become the necessity of this moment. Be it any season of the year, not a lot of people would love to chomp on just anything. There aren’t a lot of foods we could really rely on to keep us healthy and going. So here as some easy ways to eating healthier that all of us should try.


7 easy Ways to eating healthier


     1. Use your slow cooker for some healthy broth and protein recipes and not those usual heavy meat dishes like always

The myth that slow cookers can be used only for heavy meat recipes is no longer strong! The pictures above are the result of how slow cookers can work wonders. Some lean fish meat with herbs and a healthy soup with vegetables and meatballs are healthy enough for beginners to learn how to cook healthy with slow cookers.


Use your slow cooker


     2. What more do you need when you have full fledged Instagram account for meal prep inspiration

Follow the instagram account @MealPreponFleek for your daily dose of inspiration before preparing any meal. There are loads of photos here from various communities that give you nice ideas on food preps.


meal prep inspiration


     3. Avoid those desserts full of sugar and make your own dessert using fruits at home

You can just a couple of your favorite fruits into the oven and serve them with a low sugar ingredient for a special healthy dessert. The natural flavor of the baked fruit and the whipped cream add the charm to your dessert. There’s not much fuss to baking and hence, this is easy to make!


Avoid those desserts full of sugar


     4. Make sure you track your diet, at least on a twice per week basis

This might not seem to be a good suggestion, but everyone should try tacking the food intake patterns at least a couple of times per week. There are a bunch of apps for iPhone and Android operating systems like MyFitnessPal, MyPlate and MyNetDiary which one can use for observing those interesting patterns. You might end up noticing when you eat more and when it’s just too less for your body.


track your diet


     5. When you aren’t quite sure about your cooking skills, try these grain free blender muffins that make an awesome option for breakfast on the go

With these muffins you have literally nothing to worry about your cooking skills! Just let the ingredients in the blender and bake them in the oven. Store the muffins in an airtight container in your refrigerator for some five days and when you are too much in a hurry, just heat one and eat!


Grain free blender muffins


     6. You can put the leftovers from dinner into good use with baked eggs for the breakfast

Those leftover greens, cooked veggies and meat from last night would not always end up in your kitchen dust-bin if you use them to make baked eggs or hash for the morning. Store them overnight and use them in the morning. The combination would always end up good.


baked eggs for the breakfast


     7. Stay informed about what is in your glass and choose social drinking over regular

Not necessary that you give up alcohol all of a sudden, but after getting aware about how many calories you are drinking, you will definitely prefer not drinking regularly. You can also be wise and choose drinks that are less heavy on calories.


what's hidden in your drink