6 reasons why you should forget Las Vegas and head to Macau

Las Vegas, popularly known as the Sin city has always been a dream destination for most youngsters all over the world. World class hotels and resorts, casinos, nightclubs, bars, restaurants; Las Vegas has all of it and some more. Popularized in many of the blockbuster Hollywood movies, Vegas is often symbolized by women and wine. However, blindly following everyone can put a dent on your wallet. While it may be a natural weekend destination for the Americans, Indians often end up spending a fortune going half way across the world. So, it is time to look out in our own vicinity and you will find a jewel as shiny as Vegas. Yes, it is Macau I am talking about and I am about to give you 6 very good reasons as to why you should rather plan for Macau and not Vegas.




  1. Less time Traveling equals more time partying

While Las Vegas is roughly 2 days of air travel, Macau is relatively just in the backyard. Most of us being already pressed for time, it is quite a crucial reason to switch to Macau from Vegas. You could literally have 3 extra days of fun by saving on the flight time.


Less time Travelling equals more time partying


  1. Lesser Expensive flight equals more money to gamble

Flight to Vegas is almost 2-3 times costlier than a flight to Macau. Thus, going to Macau would mean a lot of extra savings which can subsequently be splurged in the casinos to have a lot more fun. Save on the flight and use the balance amount to try your luck. You might even be lucky to win a fortune.


Lesser Expensive flight equals more money to gamble


  1. No Jet Lag; Only Hangover

Not many people would think about it initially, but going to Las Vegas also ensures a serious jet lag, which can and often does dampen your mood and energy. However, visiting Macau would ensure that you only have a hangover and no jet lag whatsoever. And hangovers are acceptable since it meant, you partied hard last night.


No Jet Lag; Only Hangover


  1. Larger and better and newer casinos

While Vegas can boast of quite a large number of casinos on the strip, Macau can claim to have the largest casinos in the world. This along with quite a few majestic resorts is a pretty good reason to visit Macau.


Larger and better and newer casinos


  1. Better odds to win as compared to Vegas

For an avid gambler, the odds of winning matters quite a lot. And, here Macau scores over Vegas by giving the tourists relatively better odds of winning. So the next time you are in the mood to try your luck, remember a better winning probability doesn’t hurt.


Better odds to win as compared to Vegas


  1. A Family destination as well

This one applies to those who are no more single and wish to travel with their family. While Vegas is lot of fun, it isn’t really a place where you kids could have any kind of fun. However, Macau, apart from the casinos, has quite a lot of other child friendly places too where you could enjoy as a family too.


A Family destination as well