6 reasons why Singapore is a perfect destination for all kinds of traveler

Every tourist destination is known for a particular thing unique to it. Most places cater to a specific kind of traveler. Goa, Phuket and Ibiza for example cater to honeymooners and party lovers. Las Vegas, and Macau primarily attract the crowd of gamblers, while Bangkok and Amsterdam attract the singles. Europe attracts families while New Zealand attracts the thrill seekers. However, there are very few destinations which can satisfy the needs of all kinds of travelers; family, couples and bachelors alike. Singapore is one such destination. Here are the 6 reasons why Singapore is loved by all kinds of travelers.

  1. Sentosa

It’s a culmination of a plethora of concepts which attracts people from all ages and walks of life. You can see children gazing at the beautiful birds and teenagers excited about their 4D rides. You can find couples walking hand in hand on the beachside and families eating together at one of the food joints. You can even find the thrill seekers attempting a Zip line or the indoor sky dive and bachelors partying somewhere with booze and music. A lot of couples with kids sends their little ones to watch the dolphin show while they indulge themselves in a foot spa nearby.




  1. Night Safari

It is a unique way of seeing wildlife which is loved by the children and adults alike. Unlike most wildlife tours, this one takes place in the night time thereby adding an enigma and mystic feeling to it. While the school goers get busy gathering information about their favorite animals, the night safari often becomes an intimate and comfortable ride for the honeymooners.


Night Safari


  1. Clarke Quay

It’s a shopping paradise for girls and a party place for the bachelors. Families often can be found in many of the fine dining centre while couples cruise on the river. It is one of those spot in Singapore which makes it a perfect destination. You also get to meet a lot of locals here and befriend them.




  1. Universal Studios

It’s a theme park based on the movies of the production house and attracts millions of families every year. It has attractions which cater to everyone right from small kids to adventure hungry adults. While some rides are sure to get your adrenalin pumping, others involve kids in a treasure hunt. Families get to spend an entire day together having fun.




  1. Marina bay Sands

This is another spot in the country which is full of couples and bachelors alike. While most couples can often be found either shopping or just sitting somewhere getting to know each other, a lot of them get busy partying in one of the most happening places.


Marina bay Sands


  1. Lifestyle holidaying

There are another kind of tourists who basically like to spend a lavish weekend getting pampered and enjoying the luxuries of a 5 star hotel. Singapore offers a multitude of such epitome of luxuries to the tourists who can afford it. The best example would the Infinity Swimming pool built on the 57th floor from where you can literally see the entire city while romancing with your partner.


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