6 reasons to stay away from alcohol

Even though humans have always had a weakness for alcohol, the last century has seen a manifold increase in its consumption. Today men and women consume alcohol without any inhibitions and it also has come to be accepted as a natural social norm in many a societies. But this doesn’t change the fact that it is injurious to your health and there is more than one reason, why you must quit alcohol before life and everything beautiful in this world quits on you. It may seem like an age old lecture to many, but there are 6 very strong reasons why you must stay away from alcohol.

  1. Rejuvenation of your body



As soon as you decrease or completely eliminate the consumption of alcohol, you will feel a noticeable difference in your body externally and internally. To start with, your pained liver will start to heal and so will your brain function. The deteriorated skin of your will start to come back to life which will be evident in your changing complexion. Your body will feel much more energetic and a sense of vitality will prevail.

  1. More Savings


This is true for all classes of people who consume too much alcohol. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t come cheap and most alcoholics perennially face the shortage of money. That is primarily because most of the earnings are spent on the evening and bedtime drinks. Now imagine all that money which was literally going down the drain no suddenly available in your bank account. You will not only have funds to improve your living standards, but will also be able to provide for your family in a much better manner.

  1. No hangovers

Suffering woman with glass of water

Even the most experienced of the lot cannot escape the hangovers the next day. That is the time they feel pathetic and promise to not drink too much in the next party. However, very few a able to commit to it. Now, if you just eliminate alcohol from your life, you will spare yourself from the morning headaches and the pains of hangover.

  1. Lesser probability of getting into trouble

trouble after drink

Most people under the influence of alcohol lose the power of reasoning and often end up doing something they won’t otherwise do. Most youngsters often get themselves in trouble of all sorts while drunk and the same applies to a lot of grownups who end up saying or doing things at home which they later regret. Now, all of this can be easily avoided just by not getting drunk and staying away from alcohol.

  1. Improved personal relationships

personal relationship

Be it your wife or your girlfriend, with the absence of alcohol in your system, you will prove to be a better lover both physically and emotionally. This will substantially improve your relationship with your spouse and that is an absolute necessity to live a happy life.

  1. More successful in professional life

professional life

Now when you can think and act clearly without anything hampering your brain and actions, you will find yourself doing and performing better work in whichever filed you are. This will only take you in one direction and that would be “being successful.”