5 Things about school we still miss

Class. It is not just the source of education for us rather is the congregation of diversely skillful shapers of the future. Oh crap!! Whom am I kidding? 😛 Classes roll out the fun fare club of student’s society. It does not matter who we are, what we study or how old we are, our memories of classes are always be one of our most prized possessions.

But the golden times are measured actually in a much different way. It is but measured in all the friendships, lessons apart from the curriculum and things that make us the person we become.

Here’s a list of 5 things that we absolutely love doing in our class!!

#1. The eternally fostering GOSSIP!!

‘Ooh did he do that!! Aah how I wish to have more branded clothes!! Guys listen to this!!’ – rings a bell?

From gossiping about what Sally said to the teacher’s pet cat to how the hell doesn’t our lecturer understand the importance of content and not handwriting!!

From the celebrities new fashionista statements to the cool new cars on road.

Be it how pregnancy has made history madam irritable or why doesn’t the lecture just end!

We love talking it out!! Sharing with friends is the best part of every student’s life!!




#2. When you need to take that BUNK!!

‘That’s it! I can’t take this anymore!

…My chest feels lead heavy, my throat feels restrained..

… I can’t breathe in here!!’

All we need is a bunk-school playground, canteen, CCD in colleges.

We can even make a date out of a bunk!!

We can make a song and sing to it with tapping feet and chorus as well! Yes we can! We adore bunking because it’s our savior. #true story

Mass Bunk



#3.Getting creative :’)

You know what I mean. The expanse of intricate thoughts that connect as dots forming strings and the imaginary strings that weave our dreamy cloud. The clouds that sail far far away to our own fantasy.

Jotting the sincere poems and stories when the purpose of life dawns in.

Sketching an unseen face and eyes, nose, lips, the house by the river and on it goes.

Passing secret chits to BFF’s.

Playing the intellectually challenging game like, tic tac toe.

Or simply just looking out of the windows.

The classroom thoughts



#4. The fraternity of BACK BENCHERS.. 😉

Backbench is our haven because that is where we can stream our videos in peace, listen to our favorite songs and eat happily under the benches during a hunger pang!

We rush to class and come early to book the last bench!

We don’t have books with us but we have the revolutionary minds- The true spirit of a back bencher.

Bow down _/\_

the backbencher



# 5. When we LISTEN to the lecturer..

And when we do that, we make it a point not to make it go unnoticed.

The nodding of heads as if I completely got the topic, please remember my face and remember to give me good marks in practical’s!! Please!!


Here are some other fun thing we do in the classroom:


funny gifs

funny gifs

funny gifs

funny gifs

funny gifs



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