5 Remedies to pump up your Self Control

Excessive toil tires everything and our will power is a similar muscle, according to scientists, which gets tired from exercise. Decisions, distractions and stress shape our self control and it obviously is very prone to break downs during times of emotional, mental and physical handicap. Various stress-relievers have been formulated by the eminent pharmacist researchers and doctors to help reduce the intensity or totally shut such depressing scenarios.

However, barring those pharmaceutical options, we really do have other options to help reduce stress, boost mood, recharge energy and hence help restore the spent will power and ultimately lead to a significant surge of self-confidence. None of you would ever had a thought in your wildest dreams that switching to your favorite reality television show or pondering about a bunch of awesome YouTube videos could virtually help elevate your mood and self control, but yes, these things that we term as distractions or temptations could really help that stress off your aching shoulder. Here is a list of your favorite pastime stuffs that could help boost your self-control.

  1. Snacks



Everyone is expected to jump at the sight of the first thing in this list. Yes, food it is! The human brain uses energy to build will power. When blood sugar drops, the brain is unable to concentrate. So your sweet-tooth could use that small nibble of a chocolate to nudge your brain back into self-control mode. Or, if you are a fitness freak, you could eat foods with exclusive protein or fibre content for a sustained will-power to avoid that post snack regret.


  1. Reality Television



Will power, according to research, is contagious. Such is a showcase of immense transformations and “over the top” achievements in lives of certain “previously not so popular” people in the reality television shows. Except the shows that portray only gossip, back-slaughter and conspiracies as the essence of their shows, there are a bunch of there shows that feature people overcoming obstacles as they lose weight, face their fears or organize their clutter. One can catch extra self control by just watching a person set a goal and achieve it successfully.


  1. YouTube



Well, not dedicating whole of the essential time to it, but getting sucked into a few minutes of piano playing kittens or pretentious movie reviews is absolutely not a big deal if it helps ease you. Researchers concluded that watching funny videos could potentially restore the depleted will power and help you get back on track with those incomplete difficult tasks. So, subscribe right now to your favorite YouTube channel to mark it a daily stress-buster.


  1. Afternoon Nap



It has been found that will power is at peak during the morning right after waking up when the brain is refreshed after a comfortable sleep session. Sleep is indeed the invincible potion to any sort of thing that has drained you off your energy. It obviously is very difficult to control impulses when you are tired. A short “power nap” as the name suggests is sure to reduce the stress and elevate your mood to dial back the usual will power drain.


  1. Coffee



Caffeine is quite unpopular for giving energy crashes when consumed in excess. But here is some great news for us coffee addicts, caffeine in any form when consumed in reasonable doses can amount to a significant reduction in stress levels. Studies suggest that small amounts of caffeine can balance the autonomic nervous system, making you calmer and more alert at the same time. So coffee lovers, no harm to our systems it seems! Sounds perfect for the resisting temptation, isn’t it?