5 divine places to skydive

We are living in times when everyone is in search of some excitement in life. And one of the best ways is by indulging in some kind of adventure. While there is a long list and category of multitudes of adventures varying with individuals, there are some which is not meant for the weak hearted. And among these few is one adventure sport which is like “the ultimate adventure.”

Yes, you guessed it correct. It is Sky Diving. There are two kinds of people in this world. There are the common folks who live a mundane life and there are the special ones who had it in them to skydive. It takes a certain kind of attitude and boldness to convince yourself to jump out of a plane just for thrill. Everyone is scared to do it, but those who do dare, and survive have an experience and a memory for a lifetime. Nothing else in the world comes closer to the rush you get when falling freely under gravity for 45 seconds. You literally float in the blue sky just like the birds.

And now that you might have decided to go for it in your next vacation, you should know the top 5 places to sky dive to make this memory even more beautiful and picturesque.


  1. Qweenstown, NewZealand

This is by far the most beautiful location you can dream of for your first jump. It doesn’t get better than this. With a gorgeous landscape in the backdrop and beautiful mountains around, you will fall in love while you fall under the gravity. And later while you slowly descent in the parachute, you might even recognize certain images from one of you favorite movies.(Lord of the Rings!)

Qweenstown, NewZealand skydive


  1. Fox Glacier, New Zealand

Newzealnd is truly the epicenter when it comes to extreme sports and it is evident with another mind blowing location to skydive. Here you can treat your eyes to the vast glacier, rainforest and the Tasman Sea during your flight upto 18000 feet and then have the jump of your life.

Fox Glacier, New Zealand skydiving


  1. Hawaii, USA

You can actually see the whole of the beautiful island from the top and beautiful beaches as gravity does its work on you. It is a mesmerizing feeling watching the majestic ocean the pristine beaches while you float in the air high above.

Hawaii, USA skydiving


  1. Interlaken, Switzerland

When you talk about beautiful landscapes, greenery, and snow clad mountains, you know you are in Switzerland. 2 things make or break a skydiving experience. First is of course the opening of parachute and second is the natural beauty. While every care is taken on the first point, no other place can come close to Switzerland when it comes to natural beauty.

Interlaken, Switzerland skydiving


  1. Namibia

This one is for those who have had enough of beautiful mountains and greenery and need something different. Well, book a skydive in Namibia and you will be awestruck by the beautiful deserts, caramel coloured sand dunes, blue sky and a total absence of any wildlife and greenery.

Namibia skydiving