30 Road trips in India, every serious traveler in India must take

You might reach a place early if you take a flight. You might get to your destination with ease if you book a good superfast train. However, in the process you miss out on a lot of things. Road trips, on the other hand are an excellent way to travel and explore new places. You get the luxury of stopping wherever you wish at your own comfort. Bust most importantly, it truly defines an old saying, “Journey is more important than the destination.” India, though not famous for the quality of the roads, still can boast of some of the most amazing road trips one can and must have in his or her lifetime.

  1. Delhi to Leh (1,013km)

This is “the road trip” every serious traveler wishes to take. It is really challenging, difficult, sometimes back breaking but one of the most rewarding road trip not only in India but across the globe. It is truly enthralling and you will be literally bombarded with truly majestic and panoramic views of the Himalayas. It is also one of the most dynamic trips because of the continuously changing landscapes, weather and road conditions. Rocks, deserts, greenery, mountains, rains, snow, rivers; you get to see it all on this road trip.




  1. Delhi to Jaipur (274km)

Most of it is the National Highway and you get smooth riding conditions as you leave the city of Mughals and enter into the realm of the Maharajas. The grandiosity of the Thar and vast stretches of emptiness is a beauty to see and witness.




  1. Delhi to Mandawa (257 km)

This one is yet another escape from the concrete jungles and into the land of Rajputs where architecture marvel and lavish lifestyles was and is in opulence. Use to weekend to explore this place rather than sleeping in you couch.




  1. Delhi to Jaisalmer (765km)

For those of you in love with the deserts and the smooth stretch of black roads, and not satisfied with merely going to Jaipur, you could gear up and travel all the way to Jaiselmer. It is a magnificent city and will make you fall in love with the palaces and forts and the deserts all over again.




  1. Golden Triangle (Delhi-Agra-Jaipur) 735 km

If you wish to take a peek into the bygone history and culture of the country this is the trip for you. If you wish to be a part of the confluence of cultures and different traditions, this is the trip meant just for you.




  1. Delhi to Ranthambore (380km)

This one is for the nature lovers who would like to spend the weekend in a National Park. This road trip takes you right in the heart of the wilderness.




  1. Delhi to Dehradoon (247km)

To truly witness the beauty and majesty of the Garhwal region take this road trip from Delhi to Dehradoon. A perfect amalgamation of frolic, adventure and excitement, it is one of the most undertaken trips in the country.




  1. Mumbai to Rann of Kutch (600km)

From a city full of people and buildings to a place with vast amounts of emptiness is what this road trip is all about. The barrenness and vastness of the Kutch region attracts not only Mumbaikars but also people from all over the country.




  1. Mumbai to Mt. Abu (757 km)

A trip from the coastline to the only hill station in Rajasthan is full of variations in the climate, people and the culture. This long road trip gets rewarded with majestic views of the Aravali ranges and a cool climate.




  1. Mumbai- Pune Expressway (149km)

This trip is not about the destination. It is purely about enjoying the extraordinarily smooth expressway between the 2 cities and taking may be some small breaks at Lonavla or Khandala. It is also one of the most undertaken road trips in India.




  1. Mumbai to Goa (609 km)

This is yet another road trip which is especially popular among those staying in Mumbai. Goa is often the weekend getaway for many and taking the beautiful and scenic drive from Mumbai is like a cherry on the top.




  1. Bangalore to Pondicherry (305km)

For those who wish to gratify themselves with the peace and tranquility which prevails in these French colonies of Pondicherry, this is the road trip perfect for you.




  1. Bangalore to Munnar (477km)

Remember that song from Chennai Express. Yes, you guessed it right. It was filmed in the lush green tea gardens in Munnar, the green capital of the country. With the challenging twists and turns often punctuated by a lot of picture perfect views; this road trip is bound to add an element of romance and fun in your life.




  1. Bangalore to Goa (564km)

Don’t be deterred by the distance of 500+ km. This road trip is as smooth as it can get and you could do this both in a four wheeler or a bike. The road trip will turn out to be as good as the beach parties in Goa.




  1. Bangalore-Bandipur-Ooty (260km)

This road trip is full of treats to keep you going. As you escape the city and find your way into the natural realm of this beautiful place, you will soon march into the picturesque valleys of Ooty, a famous holiday destination.




  1. Bangalore to Coorg (252 km)

Travelling from the Silicon Valley to the Scotland of India, you get to see the untouched beauty of the places along the way. It’s a real treat for the avid riders who like the diverse road conditions. City road, hilly road and no roads, you get it all in this trip.




  1. Srinagar to Leh (419km)

Not as difficult and treacherous as the Manali-Leh route, this one offers the riders a very mesmerizing trip passing through Sonmarg, Drass and Kargil. The roads open only in late April and get closed in early September. You are bound to fall in love with the place and would want to come back again and again.




  1. Dehradoon to Nainital (270km)

If you not quite fully satisfied with the beauty of Dehradoon, do not worry and head over to Nainital. The twists and turns on the beautiful highway is bound to give you an exhilarating experience and once you reach the destination, you could treat yourself with the abundance of natural beauty present in Nainital.




  1. Guwahati to Tawang (553 km)

If you truly want to appreciate the beauty the North east has to offer take a ride from the capital city of Assam and head to Tawang, home to some of the most stunning monasteries in the country. Be prepared for the deep valleys and snow clad mountains to welcome you along the way.




  1. Bagdora to Darjeeling (66km)

Difficult terrains, pine forests, dangerous passes, waterfalls and tea gardens. These are some of what gives you a company on this difficult yet mesmerizing road trip.




  1. Gangtok to Nathu La Pass (54km)

To say that this is a difficult terrain is an understatement. It is risky and has taken quite a toll of life. However, this element of risk accompanied by the enthralling rewards of the magical beauty of Sikkim is what attracts a lot of adventurists on this road trip.




  1. Jaipur to Udaipur (395km)

From the pink city to the Venice of East, this trip takes you to a different world altogether. As the landscapes change, the mood too changes from good to better.




  1. Jaiselmer to Barmer (159 km)

If you still haven’t got enough of the deserts, you can ride to Barmer from the city of Jaiselmer and get rewarded with beautiful sunsets along the way. The difficult terrain and the curvy roads are bound to give a kick to your adventurous soul.




  1. Darjeeling to Peeling (73km)

This is yet another road trip which passes through the beautiful and scenic mountains and takes you from one beautiful city to another equally beautiful city.




  1. Kolkata to Digha (163 km)

This one is for all the romantics from Kolkata who are thinking on how to woo their partner. Take a road trip to Digha and you will be mesmerized with natural beauty along the way.




  1. Ahmedabad to Diu (362km)

If you plan to witness the beauty of Arabian Sea in all its glory hit the road and travel to Diu from Ahmedabad. It’s a beautiful union territory which is sure to add beautiful moments to your memories.




  1. Guwahati to Shillong (100km)

This road trip stands as a testament to the beauty North East has to offer to the travelers. It encompassed different terrains, some beautiful, some challenging before finally reaching the capital city of Meghalaya.




  1. Shillong to Cherrapunjee (53km)

This is a ride through exotic terrains and abundance of natural beauty to one of the wettest cities on earth. Its truly a short but a sweet road trip one can take while traveling in the north east.




  1. Kolkata to Kumaon (1363km)

It’s a unique road trip different from all others. The beauty of plains and the valleys transitions into that of snow clad mountains and peaks in a seamless and elegant manner.




  1. Kolkata to Puri ( 496km)

This is a trip equally fun for all kinds of travelers. While the devotional trippers have a lot to look forward to, the love it for all the thrill and excitement this trip provides.