3 Best Strategies to win Texas Poker

 3 Best Strategies to win Texas Poker


Texas Poker is a very interesting game. It is a popular game. You can play this game with your friends and family or you can also download the game and can play it at your computer. You can also play it online. One can play the Texas poker in the social networking websites. At these social networking sites you can play the game with your online friends. At these sites you can get money if you win the game and lose the amount if you be defeated. It is similar to the real type of Texas Poker. You have to use same types of strategies to win the game. This card games can be wined by combining the elements like strategies and chances. But it is really a complex matter to definitely covey the winning strategies of poker.  At first you have five cards then by sharing and drawing you have to increase the number of cards of yours. If you want to be the winner then you have obey some basic following strategies of the game.

Strategy 1:

To win the game you have to know all the winning conditions of the game Texas Poker. You should memorize thoroughly the order of poker hands. For your convenience you can write those down also. You have to remember all the rules like if you have a knowledge that a flush can beat a straight and two pair can be beaten by three of a kinds then you can start playing very easily. The game needs some common sense and skills. It is not tough to win the game. Mainly poker hands easily can determine the winner. Flush is the best in the game. So if have it then clearly you are the winner of the game as no one in the game can have any card which can be better than the flush.

Strategy 2:

Using the five cards of yours try to make a best hand. These five cards can decide your future and by these five cards you can determine your strength in the game. Except those five cards no other cards can be better to determine the strength. So just remember these rules properly. Do not get confused. There are some certain areas where people are getting confused while playing Texas Poker. In case of Texas Poker you can make any combination with your hand cards or from the board cards. So if you can make the best combination then it will be your final hand that is you will be the clear winner of the game.

Strategy 3:

If more than one player in a table has the flush then one with higher will win the game. If two players have all the five cards same then final fifth card will determine the winner. If two payers have same kinds of flush then the pot of the game will be divided among them. If two players have same pair of cards then highest pair will win but if two pairs are exactly identical then the fifth kicker card will determine who will win. You can also determine the winner of Texas Poker by the Omaha rule. According to this rule it is said that you should make the five best cards in your hand by using your two cards and then drawing three cards form the board. If a board of poker has four hearts and you only have one of them then you cannot make the flush. So you will never win the game. So to win the game you have to remember these basic rules.