Traffic jams are definitely a universal part of our all time jam-packed schedules. They are the commonest yet most annoying reason for reaching late to an important meeting or to a crucial situation. Let us have a look at the most insane, undisciplined and uncontrollable traffic jams across the world.

  1. Beijing, China

bejing china 1

This might appear like linen lining on a luxury fabric piece, but no, this is a view of a road traffic jam at the one of the world’s commercially busiest cities, Beijing.

  1. Gurgaon, India

gurgaon delhi 1

Here we land up at a City on our country yet again! Where else can be other than near India’s busiest metropolitan city, New Delhi? Yes proud Indians, its Gurgaon for this endless queue of vehicles this time.

  1. Dhaka, Bangladesh

dhaka bangladesh 1

Let alone cars and other heavy duty vehicles, who would have thought that a hoard of rickshaws could cause a traffic jam? Well, at the capital of Bangladesh, everything is possible!

  1. Pakistan

Pakistan, Karachi, 2004. Traffic nightmares in Karachi, Pakistan’s commercial capital, main port, and busiest city.

The narrow roads and the never ending rows of cattle and small vehicles on road, this country makes up for a good amount of road blocks for all possibly correct reasons.

  1. Traffic jam stuck in woods for 70 years, Belgium


This traffic jam at Belgium lasted long enough for climbers and creepers to grow upon them and the nature to capture this scene appropriately. Nowhere else on earth can such a piece of preserved traffic jam be found.

  1. Jakarta, Indonesia

jakarta 1

Seems like two-lined and four-lined ways have failed to solve these massive traffic jam issues. Countries where there is a majority of population with two-wheelers, these issues seldom find a way out.

  1. Cairo, Egypt

Cairo, Egypt

This city of pyramids and Pharaohs isn’t spared from traffic crises either! And this time it gets more complicated.

  1. Hanoi, Vietam

hanoi vietam

Seems like people captivated in some place since ages have just been liberated!!

  1. Moscow, Russia


There cannot be a traffic jam more beautiful and amazing than this.

  1. Istanbul


This city of the most exquisite cuisine on earth has got such annoying crowds as well!!

  1. Chicago


Snow does increase the risk of every kind of mishap, let alone a snow clad road traffic block.

  1. Atlanta



This city with few accessible roads and fewer functional traffic was least expected to be on this list atleast.

  1. Arc de Triumph, Paris

arc de triumph

This is that point for the most randomly arranged vehicles in a traffic jam!

  1. New York City

new yotk

Definitely one of the busiest cities on earth and hence it was oviously expected to be here.

  1. Moscow, Night traffic

moscow night1

Yet another bright and beautiful traffic jam!

  1. Egypt


Among all the cars being unidirectional and jammed at one direction, one car spotted in the photograph can be asked the right question?

  1. Jakarta, Indonesia

jakarta 2'

Dwindling of various vehicles into colliding each other on a nice square.

  1. Canada


The queue of vehicles seems aimless and very long to cover or control!!

  1. China

china 1

The beautiful roadway has also got some population!! Each nook of this bridge has been occupied by vehicles thus creating a never ending traffic.

  1. Sao paulo, Brazil

sao paulo

After saving themselves from the frighteningly jams all over the bridge ways,, this city hosts a large population.

  1. Mumbai, India

mumbai 1

Our very own city of Bollywood has also got some of the busiest roads of the nation.

  1. Manila, Phillipines


Seems like the vehicles would have crashed into each other had this square not existed.

  1. Million-billion dollar traffic jam, Kennedy space centre,  Florida

million dolla jam

Things at NASA’s space centre could also get worse due to bad regulatory controls.

  1. Kenya

kenya 1

These playful lions never knew that their leisure activities could cause such irrelevant problems!

  1. Bangkok


Too colourful a traffic crowd over here!