20 Sweet Stuff we all adored in the 90’s

Gone are the days when we all used to relish on sweet savory snacks delighted by their colorful hues and creative goodies which always had a chance of making us addicted. Sugar free and gluten free stuff are now so much on our nerves that we won’t let our kids enjoy these sweets and suffer significant tooth decay. But, all of us who have spent most of their childhood in the 90’s shall never stop being nostalgic for the following 20 sweet savories.

  1. Fruit Stripes gum

Those fascinating rainbow colors definitely got all of us crazy over these chewing gum strips. But, sadly the flavor lasted damn so short and it started to taste like rubber so very soon.


Fruit Stripes gum


  1. Handi Snacks

It was one of the best ever creations intended to keep kids occupied. That fake cheese stole the necessary time when kids were engaged in covering their crackers with it.


Handi Snacks


3. Pepsi Blue

It lasted for very short duration but the wave of fascination it brought among kids was amazing. For a change everybody adored this new indigo shade of their favorite fizz.


Pepsi Blue


4. Flintstones Push-up Pops

There used to be a time when each one of us could fall into their knees begging for this particular savoury. Flintstones totally used to a ranker in the list of adorables.


Flintstones Push-up Pops


5. Hidden Valley Ranch

That was the classic dressing all of us 90’s kids loved to eat with almost everything. The original could never be shaken from the numero uno rank despite invention of new flavors.


Hidden Valley Ranch


6. Dannon Yogurt Sprinklins

Who says randomness is not fun? These sprinklins are the best example of unpredictably good surprises. You would never be right about the contents of the packet unless you open it.Open one to get candy sprinkles, another one for peanut chunks and yet another for chocolate chips.


Dannon Yogurt Sprinklins


7. Surge

Green lantern was the inspiration behind this bright green sugar rush which kept us engaged without saddening down.




8. Push Pop

A candy which just keeps growing is what we were blinded by back then. The idea itself of the candy growing everytime you pushed the back was fascinating in itself.


Push Pop


9. The taste of Lunchables

These little sandwiches were those which literally made us businessmen during childhood. Negotiation man! No matter how tasty your homemade sandwiches are, these used to snatch pour sight.


The taste of Lunchables


10. Little Debbie treats

Indeed you would never share your lunchbox with any single friend when you knew there is a probability of one of those snacks packed n it.


Little Debbie treats


11. McDonald’s Happy Meals

Happy meal it was and happy meal it still is!! We relished this as kids and shall relish it if given now as well.


McDonald’s Happy Meals


12. Pop rocks

Put it in your mouth and you will get the feel of crackers instantly in your mouth. Pop, pop and pop they go.


Pop rocks


13. Bubble Tape

Those days when buying this was the sole motto of the pocket money we demanded. And the firm thought kids would not be able to finish it off soon! Never ever underestimate capabilities of a child!


Bubble Tape


14. Dunk-A-Roos

Dunk and lick cookies were indeed one of the best inventions of the 90’s.




  1. Berry Berry Kix

It was indeed the best fruit seasoned cereal. Sigh! It no more exists.


Berry Berry Kix


16. Squeezit

The colourful plastic disposable pouch and the interesting apple and fruit punch flavours were indeed one of the favourite drinks in the 90’s.




  1. Ring Pop

Pretty, stylish and delicious ! seems like a triple offer in one fashionable product.


Ring Pop


  1. Snack Pack

This definitely stays on the back of every 90’s kids’ mind.


Snack Pack


  1. Goodies from your Easy Bake Oven

Fun in cooking and tasty cookies in your very own oven! Certainly amazing.




  1. Gushers

Those sticky colourful chewy snacks were something that would stick to your tooth and hence moms never agreed to buy them.