20 reasons to shout out loud for Dipa Karmakar!!

Because she has been quite the showstopper for the Indian contingent at Rio’2016 Olympics. This 23 year old vault champion from Tripura has been slaying it really well in this year’s Olympics despite being a congenital flat foot, a medical condition considered a major hindrance to any sort of athletic activity.

1. Being the first ever Indian to qualify for the individual vault event finale at the Olympics.

Dipa olympics

2. Being badass enough to know her own worth.

Dipa karmakar 1

“Before Glasgow, Indians hardly knew our women participated in gymnastics. Now, they know there is someone who won a medal. Before, no one knew my name. Today, slowly and steadily, more and more people know there is someone called Dipa Karmakar.”-Dipa Karmaker in an interview.

3. That constant smile on her face makes her a charmer and proves that she loves all that she does with all her heart.

first Indian female gymnastic

4. Being the first Indian female gymnast to slay a medal at the Commonwealth games.

Continous practice since 6 years old

5. For her continuous and rigorous practice of 17 years dating back to when she was a timid 6 year old.

Dipa on Practice

6. Talent and confidence being unbound within her, but she’s humble enough to be bratty about it.

Kind dipa

When interrogated about the facilities in Rio, She was humble enough to say that she had no problems since they serve Chinese food and she likes it.

7. Because she’s more real than being just a dreamer.

Dreamer Dipa

A reporter inquired Dipa whether making it possible to the Olympics felt like a dream. She was confident enough to say that it is real because she went off with that aim.

8. Being one among the five rarest women on the whole of earth to have successfully performed the Produnova vault, something considered to be the vault of death in the gymnastics fraternity.

Dipa attempted Produnova vault

With such an attempt this brave heart tried to slay the finals. Also, she is one of the very few women gymnasts to achieve a high score of 15.000 points on this astounding Produnova vault.

9. Her adorable equation with her coach, Nandi sir, who has been both her father and mother during training.

Dipa and her coach

Every other time you ask her for advice she’ll end up telling you to listen to your coach sincerely.

10. She believes in making her loved ones happy.

Dipa home coming

She feels proud when she sees fellow gymnasts from across the world in the games villa or the gym addressing her as the “Indian star”.

11. How she transformed herself from a flat-footed child to an international level Olympics gymnast with the help of her coach and years of dedication.

Dedicated dipa

12. Her never back down attitude.

Dipa with bronz

It takes years for Olympians to rise to the top. This young gymnast claims she still has a long way to go and it’s never always about winning or losing.

13. The fact that she enjoys her journey to the finals without getting stressed out.

Deepa on field


When asked if she was under pressure for the finals, she said there was no pressure at all because she is in the finals and she will just do her vaults and come.

14. Her optimism even after she narrowly missed a medal at the Rio’16 Olympics gymnastics final.

Dipa in gymnastics final

Evident from the fact that she was all smiles and no regrets after having lost the game finale.

15. Looks like she has this habit of making history and she’s doing it like a boss.

boss of gymnastics dipa

Dipa in olympics16. Of course because she’s got enough talent in any of her toes than any of us will ever have in the whole of us within our entirety.

In rio olympics