19 Dream come true vacation destinations exclusively for Couples

Ah, the nostalgic fragrance of wanderlust yet again! We can see that taking rebirth within your mind as you go across the list below. Attention couples right there, this is exactly what your honeymoon dreams are made of! And if we are guessing it right, you would start planning right after reading this piece about the destinations you would love to be with your beloved ones at.

  1. Roadtrip up the California coast:


Just in case you are out of cash while at California, a roadtrip right up to San Francisco would pretty much be an exciting saviour to you!

Coastal califormia

Rent beach cabins, enjoy the posh hotels at Big Sur, or try your heart out at all the breweries of San Francisco, you will have a lot of options at that amazing a place.

  1. For the foodie couples, Austin is awaiting:

foodie -austin

This place has got one of the best barbeque hubs on earth! The heavenly food plus the food and wine festival held annually would be the perfect thing to do for couples obsessed with food. The fine weather just adds to the charm of the place.

  1. Yes ofcourse, for the nerds, Washington, D.C. has a lot in store :

washington DC

For couples who are not much into mainstream travelling, you can have some geek time while at D.C.. The historical museums and monuments at Washington are enough to satisfy the neurons of your thirsty brains. And after they get tired, do brunch on some amazing food out there.

  1. Freedom, adventure and hope through Route 66:


Scotland’s route 66 or the Mother Road is an excellent highway for yet another road trip. The information sign boards at every turn shall guide your way through all the eight states from Chicago to los Angeles as well as let you enjoy every single landmark.

  1. And, ummm, if you had never thought of this, a visit to the very merry Disney World!

Disney world

Well, this might not sound quite appealing to many, but certainly, Disney world forms one of merriest reasons to visit Florida. The sweet people at the place give you Just married buttons to wear and congratulate you everywhere you go! Apart from all this sweetness, Disney world has got some very romantic roads and restaurants for the lovely evenings.

  1. Enjoy the scenery while you drive around Lake Michigan:


North America’s pride, the lake Michigan is one the five great lakes lying entirely in the United States. The total circumferential road around the lake is so full of so many things to explore! Starting from sand dunes to beautiful islands like the Beaver and the Grand rapids.

  1. Do whatever you want to while at NYC:

New york

The city of glitz and glam, New York city has indeed a lot to offer even if your budget is bit too tight. Your time can be absolutely magical despite your financial crunch. 5th avenue makes a great place for some window shopping and also the streets are so full of good food, you don’t even need to splurge.

  1. Get yourself an Amtrak multi-pass and enjoy the country view:


Go get yourself these Amtrack multi-passes and just sit on your seats in the train comfortably to drive around watching the country without a single effort.

AMTRAK seats

You will get to go through the states of Denver, Seattle, DC, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Chicago, NYC, Boston and LA. Splurge some days into staying at your favourite cities and relish on the lavish food!

  1. To the beautiful buildings of Montreal & Quebec City:

Montreal & Quebec City

Neither too far nor too close for people native to D.C. Looks like the perfect honeymoon destination isn’t too far! After all, it isn’t always the distance that matters, instead what matters is, being together. A lot of activities around the place won’t let you sit idle and it will definitely be very comforting to opt for a low key relaxing place after that huge wedding frenzy.

  1. The ultimate city for the perfect cure to wanderlust, Las Vegas:

las vegas

And, yes! That is the city you all would have been eagerly waiting to find on this list. Stay on the strip for the sassy casinos, restos, theatres and bars or drive out to the Red rock Canyon for some unique hiking experience.


  1. Head across to the roads of the American South:


Start in Florida and head up to Atlanta to make your way through the Blue ridge to the Nashville. Stop at Memphis and explore the National Civil Rights Museum. There will be a lot of museums and artefact collection places on your way out to the Clarksville before Mississippi.


The cafeterias and the restaurants shall leave you asking for more. Halt a few at New Orleans and indulge in the taste of beverages at Bourbon street and the beignets at cafes.

  1. All the pleasant sounds and scenes of Denver:


Denver is the perfect place for an absolute soothe to the eyes. The awesome food, the rustic brews, the amazing hiking and the famous Red Rocks are some the perfect reasons why you should plan your next weekend getaway to Denver.

  1. Bask in the pre-civil war era themed city of Charleston, South Carolina:

Charleston, South Carolina

The double advantage of the beaches as well as the historic features of a picturesque 15th century city makes this destination indeed special. The horse drawn carriages and the cobblestone pavements add to the historic charm of this city.

  1. You can never have enough of the versatility of Turkey:


May it be the Hot air balloon rides at Cappadocia or the limestone cave dwellings, the diversity of Turkey has indeed something or the other to offer for every visitor. Plus the cuisine at Istanbul is simply heavens! Head ahead to the Ephesus and enjoy the Roman ruins!

  1. Or travel Italy by car:


Fly off to venice and pick that cute rustic fiat 500 to explore the ancient streets of Rome.  Right from there, you can drive off to Amalfi islands, a 50 km long stretch of coastline at Italy.


Amalfi makes a very popular destination with pastel-coloured fishing villages, rugged shorelines and sheer cliffs.

  1. Have as much fun as you want at Gold Coast, Australia:

Gold Coast, Australia

While at gold coast, Queensland there is a lot to do before your stay ends. Home to three of the most amazing theme parks, Gold coast has a lot to offer starting from surfing along the long sandy beaches to exploring the waterways. Not to forget, the Lamington national park is home to the rarest of birds and animals and a rare stretch of rainforest.

  1. Bathe yourselves in the rich heritage of Japanese culture:

japaniese culture

While at Japan, you won’t find time to sit idle and think! The dance and light shows, the tai chi performances, the theatricals and of course the spicy cuisine is everything you were looking for in a perfect sane holiday.

  1. Set your feet stable on a European cruise:


For all the couples who have had dreams for a cruise in their entire life till date, the European Venice cruise is indeed the ideal one. With the starting point being Venice, the cruise stopped at frequent spots like Naples, Montenegro, Rome, Barcelona, Livorno and Marseille. You can also stop down at any place you would like to stay further at.

  1. While at Edinburgh, Scotland, it is no less than pure magic for real! :

Edinburgh, Scotland

The capital of Scotland is no lesser than wizardry and witchcraft. The extinct volcano, Arthur’s seat offers some very pleasant views from its peak. Watching over the city is the Edinburgh castle, the home to the Stone of destiny and Scotland’s crown jewels. You can watch screening of harry potter shows and eat at the witchery.