19 Christmas Themed Edible Shots

With Christmas Eve approaching, we are all set to have a blast with family, friends, food and of course the drinks. All you lovers of liquor out there hold your breath and prepare to get high as we present you with these awesome vacation themed edible shots.

  1. Peppermint Candy Shot Glasses




Now who says you can relish that tingling flavour of peppermint in just candy-canes? 

  1. Butter Toffee Candy Bar Shots in Edible Chocolate Shot Glasses




This is that awesome combo of crushed butter candy chunks topped with cream in a self made chocolate shot glass. Sounds too very sweet, aren’t it?

  1. Christmas Tree Grasshopper Jell-O Shots




Here come your very own Christmas tree shaped jelly shots and of course the colour green signifies the name grasshopper. That cute decoration on those shots is another charm.

  1. Toasted Marshmallow Shots with Bailey’s




The scintillating flavour of toasted marshmallow on outside and your favourite drink from Bailey’s on the core. Definitely, a go grab it thing.

  1. Eggnog Pudding Shots 




That seems like an interesting way to imbibe eggnog puddings! Pretty cute and perfectly placed wafers add to the yumm!

  1. Apple Pie Sliced Jelly Shots




Apple pie alike apple jelly shots! Delicious as well as adorable! You can add the fruit of your choice in place of apples.

  1. Snowman Jelly Shot Pops




Now what can be cuter than our very own snowman? Of course these snowman jelly shot lolly pops.

  1. Manischewitz Jell-O Shots




They look so posh on that platter that they could be mistaken for some gemstone.

  1. Holiday Cosmo Jell-O Shot





Indeed too pretty to gobble in. Just keep this on your table to increase the elegance and let those guests going gaga over it.

  1. Apple Cider and Buttered Rum Jell-O Shots




Very intriguing!! Seems like a totally wizard and witch thing. Anyways buttered rum is the thing which will make you come home for this.

  1. Candied Cranberry Jelly Shots




Forget the cranberry sauce man!! This cranberry candy and jelly combo is definitely going to think twice about all other products of the fruit.

  1. Candy Cane Jell-O Shots

Candy canes can be put to better use this beautiful way.




  1. Gingerbread Martini Jelly Shots

Oh dear Santa that is again so adorable!! Plus the martini memoirs to cherish.




  1. Mistletoe Jelly Shots

Definitely a reason to stop craving for that under the holy twig and instead fill your mouth with this tantalizing martini shot recipe.




  1. Santa’s Hat Jelly Shots

The strange but sweet duet of coconut (snow on the top) and cranberry (cute red hat). Feels like Santa’s homecoming right?




  1. Stained Glass Holiday Jelly Shots

Timelessly perfect and beautiful shot cut-out shapes. Red, green and white are definitely the combination.




  1. Fireball Jell-O Shot Cupcakes

Everybody will agree that there will be no perfect ending to the holiday season platter other than fireball. Modify them to shot cupcakes this way.




  1. Coconut Blueberry Stars of David

Pricelessly angelic! Looks like a star dropped right into the earth on the Eve of Christ’s birth straight from the Milky Way.




  1. Fruitcake Jelly Shot

Fruitcakes have always been an essential part of the celebration and so do they stay. But this time, the jelly shots way! Cheers!!