18 Amazing Cures for that lousy Hangover

Indeed the after effects of amazing booze are lousy enough to get you sleeping the whole day. Many of you might have tried several ways to get off these effects, just to get no gain!! So, here we present you some fool proof ways to get off those headaches and reels that can span all day long.

  1. Sleep It Off

Do not hesitate to catch that extra bit of sleep after your night of booze. Alcohol being metabolized at an utter slow rate of .015 of the so called “blood alcohol concentration” (BAC), or you can say roughly around one drink per hour. So do make sure of getting enough sleep and keep yourself hydrated as soon as you wake up.


woman sleeping


  1. Drinking Electrolytes

To get rid of the dreaded hangover headache which of course none of us adores, you gotta get rid of the dehydrated state of your brain. Yes, we are talking of that hammer banging effect on your head. Water, being devoid of rich levels of electrolyte, does not work as good as sports drinks. The sugar in these drinks gives you the essential carbohydrates for energy.




  1. Eating Greasy Food

Do you feel like gulping something super oily after waking up with that throbbing headache? Some people think it is the best cure for hangover while others disagree. It is suggested that having greasy food before you booze is the key to save from hangover.




  1. Hair of the Dog

You think Bloody Marys exist just for the brunch, non-booze crowd. A new theory suggests that the vodka in the cocktail supplies the body with traces of methanol that it requires after a night of heavy booze.


Hair of the Dog


  1. Saltines

A plain bread toast or even those saltine crackers shall help your body absorb and process the alcohol traces left out in your body.




  1. Pedialyte

This used to marketed for curing flu and cold in children, but is now sold as treatment for hangover cure. And you don’t care if you are gulping toddler medicine, and then go for this!




  1. Hangover Heaven

Las Vegas’ folks have this special morning bus know as Hangover Heaven that has a crew that supplies vitamins, fluids and other supplements via intravenous routes to cure people of hangovers.


Hangover Heaven


  1. Pickle Juice

Alcohol being a diuretic leaves you feeling dehydrated and worse. Pickle juice has got essential levels of sodium that replenish your depleted levels. Salt and sodium are the tide turners here.




  1. Sprite

If what causes you all the ache is a hangover, sprite might just work for you according to the Chinese. In a study led by a group of scientists to assess the drinks helping alleviate alcohol levels, it was found that sprite could increase the ALDH levels of the body. This enzyme aggravates the breakdown on alcohol product, acetaldehyde.




  1. Coconut Water

The concept behind this is hydration again! Coconut water is rich high in potassium and also contains many useful ingredients like ascorbic acids, antioxidants, cytokines and magnesium, all very essential to replenish the electrolyte levels in your system.


coconut water


  1. Sweat It Out!

According to the booze friendly population, sweating out during exercise or a good steam bath is believed to relieve you off your hangover. They say sweating removes the toxic by products of alcohol. Nevertheless, the scientists don’t believe this to be true.




  1. French Onion Soup

The French usually cure their angry heads and stomachs with some strong onion soups after having wine in excess. This has been ranked number five on the list of best soups. There is virtually no scientific evidence to support this, but it sounds very delicious.




  1. Eggs Benedict

Legends say, back in the late 1800s, a rich businessman partied way too hard to handle. The morning following, he went to the restaurant at the Waldorf Astoria to stack together this amazing yet crazy sandwich with a beautifully poached egg, hollandaise sauce and ham, on top of the classic English muffin. Eggs Benedict it is people! It indeed is a unique and flavourful method to make something out of eggs.


Eggs Benedict


  1. Poutine

The Canadians indeed do it right. To garnish the exciting last round of Labatt, Canadians halt for some delightful poutine – which is a bowl of roughly cut French fries, with tiny fragments of Canadian cheese curd, mixed well in savoury gravy with fresh fried peppercorns. It indeed is no good being hung all day long, but if you to dig your face into a delightful; dish as this, who would not do it?




  1. Berocca

These effervescent “vitamin mineral supplements” tend to “support mental sharpness and physical energy, as their punch line goes! What else can you want to avoid being lousy? Just pop this pill to kill that throbbing ache in your head.




  1. Umeboshi

Japanese drinkers have this for their relief. After too much booze, Japanese drinkers consume Umeboshi. It is a dried and pickled Ume, which is very similar a fruit to a plum or apricot. And like other pickles, it’s not just a bit pickled, though. It’s really very pickled. It is terribly sour, making people dip it in green tea before consumption, even the non-dried, milder version. The salt in those plums shall definitely help you turn the electrolyte levels to a better state, but putting in something this sour to an already upset stomach, we don’t think it’s apt!




  1. Pretzels and a Banana

The potassium and salt you have already lost by going to the washroom frequently shall make you want to definitely replace it. Pretzels shall maintain the salts and of course, bananas for the maintenance of the essential potassium level of your system.
pretzels and a Banana


  1. Egg

Eggs are considered an ideal source of protein with the hest energy value for foods. Cysteine is an amino acid present in eggs that helps break down the by product responsible for hangover, of course acetaldehyde. In short, they help shoot off the toxins in your body.