16 Real Animals with Superpowers

So, it’s not just the humans who are capable of possessing superpowers! We got enough counts of some members of our versatile fauna who resemble superheroes in reality.

Here is a list of 25 such amazing personalities of the forest.

  1. The cuckoo’s voice manipulation

She manipulates her own voice for some very personal reasons, i.e., fostering good care to her eggs in her absence. She can make another bird of her very own species to nurture her offspring by just a mere song.


cuckoo’s voice manipulation


  1. The poisonous Thermal detector

Similar to vision’s ability to detect thermal disturbances in the environment, the pit Viper has also got special sensory organs to detect its prey by their body temperature with respect to the surroundings.


poisonous Thermal detector


  1. The Invisible Cuttlefish

Just like Sue storm from the fantastic four, this fish can make itself invisible or it is better if we say, blend in the natural environment. Easy escape it is then!


Invisible Cuttlefish


4) Does every frog smoke a cigar and call you ‘Bub’, duh!

Not every frog is able to break its bones to push them against its skin and use them as claws again! But, yes, this hairy frog is gifted and it does resemble our very own X-men macho, the wolverine.


 ‘Bub’, duh


5) Swish and swirl goes the Superman of Animal World

Indeed the fewest of us must be aware of the fact that an albatross can fly over thousands of miles endlessly without getting tired. And the most astonishingly, without having to flap its arms. So very super mannish, isn’t it?


Swish and swirl


6) Not always is a life In Space interesting!!

The tardigrade is an organism which can survive the toughest of all surroundings. And yes, in space without oxygen as well. But as they say, with great power comes some or the other flaw. It has to stay quite lonely alike Mr. Manhattan.


Space interesting


7) The smelly striped polecat

Here is the animal intoxicator, if you remember freshmen from the comics. It is gifted with a very offensive ability of spraying putrid from glands near its anal canal to distract its enemies.


smelly striped polecat


8) The Spotted matter eater

Omnivores as well as scavengers, they have the ability to churn on absolutely anything!! Just like the matter eater lad.


Spotted matter eater


9) Our Very Own Hulk

These super strong macho animals can lift almost 4.5% of their own weight with their mighty trunk alone. Quite like a real hulk crushing down loki from Marvel!!


Very Own Hulk


10) The Gruesome Mystique Octopus

Mystique indeed is one of our favorite marvel superheroes! Well this creepy octopus is very adept at hiding from its predators by changing into gruesome forms which are certain to make the predators run for their life.


Gruesome Mystique Octopus


11) The duck-billed platypus

Being one hell of an exception amongst mammals, this egg laying beaked mammal can zone out its own electromagnetic territory to not let intruders within it.


duck-billed platypus


12) The immortal Turritopsis Dorhnii Jellyfish

Alike the mighty immortal Thor, the God of thunder from Marvel comics, this jellyfish never seems to die out. Scientists all around the world have been trying to crack its genetic code, but, to no success yet.


Turritopsis Dorhnii Jellyfish


13) This beetle definitely got stuff around its butt!

This bombardier beetle surely knows how efficiently it should make a quick getaway. Just like the Flash’s nemesis, famous by the name “MIST”, this beetle induces a chemical reaction within its shell to spray a toxic liquid mist on its offenders.


beetle definitely got stuff around its butt


14) Spiderman’s very own blessed ancestors

Tell us where Spiderman was thought of crawling initially? And everyone shall say a Gecko lizard! Yes this is that lizard the very preliminary idea about this superhero took birth from.


Spiderman’s very own blessed ancestors


15) The bloody Horned lizard

Fancy Scott’s red laser beam from the eyes? Well this lizard actually sprays blood from its eyes!! None will fancy that we guess.


The bloody Horned lizard


16) The Ring tailed lemur’s Cat woman parody

Scientists would never disagree with the fact that ring tailed lemurs are the smartest animals when it comes to streets. Do you recall a woman in black when you see this animal? Yes, indeed, dress this lemur up like the cat woman and none on earth would know that it is not Selina Kyle.


The Ring tailed lemur’s Cat woman parody