17 Wedding rings when you want to mean much more than “I do”

  1. The original fingerprint engraved wedding rings pair:


When you want to capture the impression of your beloved’s identity on your wedding rings, this is the best way out. You can get this done for yourself at $250-$400.

  1. Tiny heart impression leaving rings:

Couples who use these have been witness to the almost permanent and adorable impression of the little heart that these rings leave when kept on for a long time. Sweet stuff!!

  1. Rings with moving Gears:

gear ring

Those cute gears move when the movable outer rims are played with. More amazing is the heart shaped necklace with this pair.

  1. Engrave the sound waves of those sweet words on those rings:

Sound wave wedding ring

There is this company that can engrave what your heart wants to express to your beloved partner in the form of sound waves around the ring. Now, that can be totally personal between the couple and you could make the most of it because people are least expected to interpret sound waves!

  1. Embrace nature with the Valleys and Mountains on these rings:

valleys and mountains rings

Those silver peaks and valleys on these couple rings can actually interlock to make the perfect eclipse. Sure to signify togetherness for the newly married.

  1. Rings with beautiful messages on the inside:

Inside written rings

These rings have an inbuilt mechanism which only your partner can explore and open to get the secret message.

  1. Join the rings to make a complete heart:

Join rings to make heart

This is a subtle yet beautiful reminder that your better half has got the other half of your heart on their ring.

  1. Phases of the beautiful moon on your ring:

Moon phase wedding rings

The rings can get customized at your whims with the moon phase of the any desired date that is special for you and your partner.

  1. Rings with “Love” engraved in Braille:

wedding ring

Loud, clear and beautiful, these rings can make the blind see what is engraved on them. Love sees no discrimination.

  1. Halves of the same heart incomplete without each other:

other half wedding rings

Join them to see the heart that was incomplete without both the rings together.

  1. The screw and its thread rings:

screw and thread wedding rings

You can even join both the rings by tightening the screw on its thread to make a bond stronger than anything!

  1. Rings for Star wars obsessed fans:

Star wars wedding ring

Funky, cool and sophisticated finish! For all the star wars obsessed over there!

  1. These musical symbol rings which join to form a musical heart:

musical wedding rings

These bass clef symbols on both the rings can be joined together to form a heart! Indeed a melodious idea!

  1. This ring that glows:


These rings are handmade. The engineers wanted some sort of lightweight material which didn’t bend in the course of creating these rings and ended up with carbon fibres. They glow on the inner side and come in a variety of colours. You can also find yourself a multi-coloured version.

  1. They seem to answer the inevitable query of who loves the other more:

 Other love more wedding rings

Always end up with the same argument, right? Well settle down for a tie dear couples!

  1. Join them to get your pretty initials:

Join them for pretty initials wedding rings

Each ring has half of the initials engraved into the edges. Beautiful yet minimalist and they will keep you sweetly together.

  1. This wedding rings that projects images:


projects image wedding rings

The uniquely talented Luke Jerram invented this accidentally while making a project. When you pass light through this ring, it projects a series of tiny images. Sadly, it has not been available for sale yet but you can read about it on the web and also about Luke’s other ingenious creations.