16 stuffs every Fried chicken lover would Know

A Perfect collection to describe the emotions of this crazy chicken obsessed community.

  1. Ever had this Crazy dream of them on your Birthday cake?!

No matter however sweet it tastes, a chicken lover shall love you more for this surprisingly unusual idea than anything else on earth!

Birthday cake-1

  1. If just looking like fried chicken wasn’t enough, there’s this cake with real fried chicken and caramel

Now there is this idea the birthday guy/girl will love you forever for! If an all sweet cake was too mainstream, take this all chicken one. Looks hell yummy!

Fried Chicken cake

  1. But you wouldn’t mind doing away with the whole cake thing altogether.

fried chicken and caramel-2   

      4. The role play of an excellent substitute of bread in a hot dog.

For all the people who need a serious change of taste in the hot dog bread, try this for sure because this is the ultimate remedy to long term fatigue with the taste of bread in hot dog.

Chicken bread in a hot dog-4

  1. Because nobody actually ever cared about the bread bun in a burger.

Because, chicken is always way better than just any kind of bread for awesome burgers on earth!

Chicken bread bun in a burger-5

  1. And pizza crusts made of carbs just seem so dated.

If bread and cheese crusts are way too mainstream to satisfy your chicken rush, just go and grab these chizzzaaas!! The chicken crust and the cheese topping is sure going to make your day!

Chicken pizza crusts

  1. The more the distance between the buns, the better it gets.

Chicken, chicken and more chicken! This tall building of fried chicken burger filling could leave anyone in awe. No matter if it fits in your small mouth or not!

Chicken and buns

  1. The dream-come-true chicken cocktail.

If you love chicken day and night, you would love to have this in your cocktail drink rather than any other drink on earth!

chicken cocktail

  1. And to add to your sweet ending, you can relish this fried chicken topped doughnut

And if all of it was not enough, here comes the chicken sweet dish!

Fried chicken topped doughnut

  1. A sweet little spicy surprise, a tiny crunchy fried chicken cupcake

Or you could go for one of these tiny wonders as well!

Tiny crunchy fried chicken cupcake-10

  1. Or maybe this beautiful fried chicken ice cream cone!

Chicken with the outer crispy crust sounds so damn good!

fried chicken ice cream cone

  1. And to your greatest surprise, even scented candles got it!

They smell so natural, you would love to spread the fragrance across your interior atmosphere!

scented candles

  1. The delightful chicken flavored crisps

You must be really devastated that you can’t really find them everywhere right?

delightful chicken flavoured crisps

  1. This is the only bouquet you’re interested in.

This we bet is the best bouquet a chicken lover would ever have received! They’ll love you for this!

Fried chicken bouquet

  1. For the chicken loving couples to be, why have a flower corsage when you can have one made of chicken!

Just when you are about to say “I do”.

flower corsage

  1. And last but not the least, the eternal commitment to Fried Chicken!

Because, chicken is love, chicken is life!

Eternal commitment to Fried Chicken-16