16 foods we must stay away from

Everyone in their teenage years badly wish to grow up so that they could do whatever they wish to. Growing old is synonymous to an increased ability to make your own decisions and not having to listen to everyone else. However, with great power comes great responsibility. You might think you could eat anything you wish, but beware; there are a lot of foods which must not be eaten, even though you happen to just love them. Here are 16 foods which you must not eat, if you plan to live a long and healthy life.

  1. Flavored Yogurt

These contain excessive amount of sugar which not only causes diabetes but also accelerates wrinkling. Just because you do not eat too many candies doesn’t imply, you are safe. Most of the high sugar content ends up in our body in lesser obvious sources, flavored yogurt being one of them.

Flavored Yogurt

  1. American Cheese

A lesser known fact is that American cheese isn’t even cheese in the first place. It is similar to cheese and is artificially made from milk fats, whey protein, food coloring and emulsifiers. It is extremely rich in sodium and fats and is very bad for your body.

American Cheese

  1. Coffee Creamer

It contains Titanium dioxide, a UV radiation blocker that also does the job of a whitening agent. It causes liver and tissue damage and many other heath implications. In certain cases it is also known to cause memory loss in adults.

Coffee Creamer

  1. Processed Meats

Most processed meats such as Ham, salami and bacon which are made with Nitrates and Nitrites have excessive amounts of unhealthy fats, preservatives and sodium in comparison to the unprocessed red meats. Some of the contents in such food items are linked to certain forms of cancer also. So the next time, you ingest something like this, just know what you are actually doing to your body.

Processed Meats

  1. Sports Drinks

It contains excessive amount of calories and sugar which you do not really need no matter how hard you exercise and work out. Infact, the less sugar you have, the better it is for your health and fitness.

Sports Drinks

  1. Margarine

You must be surprised to see this low cholesterol and a supposedly healthier option in this list of unhealthy food items. However, the experts now say that Margarine not only has high salt content, but also contains trans fats which can clog your arteries and thereby increasing the risk of heart disease.


  1. Fruits loaded with pesticides

While most of us feel like having done a good job by eating lot of fruits and vegetables, what we often fail to realize is that it might be doing us more harm than good. The amount of pesticides which we intake with the fruits are a leading cause of cancer and infertility. So next time, you go on eating healthy foods, make sure, they are organic.

Fruits loaded with pesticides

  1. Soda and Diet Soda

An average can of soda has not less than ten teaspoons of sugar. Consuming soda over a period of time increases the risk of diabetes and even cancer. Diet soda doesn’t have sugar. However, it does contain artificial sweeteners which aren’t really any good. In fact regular intake of these artificial sweeteners is also known to reduce and dull your senses to naturally sweet items such as fruits. If all this doesn’t scare you yet, diet soda is also known to cause depression, tooth decay, cancer and premature birth.

Soda and Diet Soda

  1. White bread and Bagels

Even though it is a very popular breakfast item, it doesn’t change the fact that it is very unhealthy and its intake can cause increased blood sugar levels and thereby excessive weight and wrinkling.

White bread and Bagels

  1. Microwave popcorn

These contain a chemical called PFOS(Perfluorooctane sulphonic acid) which causes infertility, cancer and even effects kidney function. Some of them also contain trans fats and even MSG which causes headaches and nausea.

Microwave popcorn

  1. Oreos

All they contain are calories and waist expanding fats. These are one of the unhealthiest foods one can take and has often found its place in the top foods to avoid. So, if you really love your kids, try and protect them from having a full packet of Oreos.


  1. Canned Soup

These are known to be a rich source of sodium, which is the primary cause of high blood pressure. Some of these canned soups even contain BPA that leads to infertility and weight gain. In some extreme cases, it is also known to cause cancer.

Cans of Campbell Soup Co. Campbell's chicken noodle and tomato soup are arranged for a photograph in Washington, D.C., U.S., on Monday, Nov. 19, 2012. Campbell Soup Co. is scheduled to release earnings data on Nov. 20. Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images

  1. Cola

They not only contain excessive amounts of sugar, but are also rich in cancer causing dyes. The high content of sugar has an adverse impact on both ovulation and sperm motility. So in case you are planning to start a family, this is one item you must refrain from at all costs.


  1. Pop Tarts and Pastries

Well, it is not just colas you need to avoid if you wish to become a parent. Pop tarts and the breakfast pastries contain as much sugar as you might need for an entire day or sometimes even more. The intake of these foods causes PCOS, a female infertility problem. It also increases your risk to heart diseases and is a must not for someone wanting to live a long and healthy life.

Pop Tarts and Pastries


  1. Alcohol

It is pretty well known, how bad and damaging alcohol really is. But to stress it further, it not only increases your junk food cravings, it also makes it difficult for you to have a good sleep. If this were not enough, it even causes the skin to become lose and increases the formation of wrinkles.


  1. Iced Coffee

This is very bad for those who do not want to fall prey to premature ageing and excessive wrinkling. Excessive amount of caffeine which one intake while having an iced coffee interferes with the rejuvenation of the skin while we sleep. So, next time you really want to sip something, try green tea. It will not only refresh you, but will also help in the weight loss you have been trying to achieve.

Iced Coffee