16 adorable gifts every Pokémon obsessed fan would love you for

Of all the anime and manga series we used to go drooling over during school days, Pokémon was the foremost one. None of us would have been an exception to collecting those free Pokémon goodies that came along with chips and chocolate packets. Rather we used to buy loads of those packets just to collect these stuff. Here are some amazingly unique gifts every Pokémon fan would adore.

  1. This super-soft Pikachu mattress. We bet you are “never gonna leave this bed”!

pikachu bed

Pikachu was one of the first Pokémon we ever came across in the series and hence is the most adored one. This soft mattress is exactly what Pokémon dreams are made of.

  1. The delicately beautiful Pokéball jewellery set.

jwellary set pokemon

Pretty enough to wear on a casual dinner date or an evening hangout with all Pokémon fans! The best part, a flawless sterling silver jewellery set! Go ahead and gift it to the love of your life who, nevertheless, should be a Pokémon fan!

  1. Cookie cutters in Pokémon shapes will satisfy your sugar rush better than any other stuff.

 cookie cutter

Now bake yourself some Pokémon shaped cookies and relish them all by yourself while tuning on to your favourite league episodes.

  1. Soap-éballs that would gradually finish to get you a Pokémon figurine underneath.

soap e balls

These handmade soap balls are something you would eagerly wait to finish so that you get to know which one of them was hiding inside for you.

  1. Bath bombs inspired from the very familiar Pokéballs.

bath bombs

These bath bombs will now urge you to bath and are for those kids who make a lot of fuss while going for a bath.

  1. The all smiles Pokémon printed umbrella for the monsoons and that cute rain dance.

 pokemon umbrella

Watch your favourite characters merrily dancing in rains as you carry this sweet umbrella at monsoons. That cute and bright umbrella is sure to be priced by any kid who loves watching Pokémon.

  1. That cute like anything Plulse and Minun pair of socks.

 cute pokemon socks

That pair is sure going to make you go nuts falling in love with the cuteness of the crazy twins!

  1. The spooky looking ol’ Gengar plush is sure to scare any intruder who disturbs sleep time.

 gengar plush

This amazingly soft yet scary looking ol’ gengar plush with that evil grin is sure to let you fall asleep without any fear!

  1. The mug with winking Pikachu will brighten up your lazy mornings.

 pikachu mug

The best thing about Pikachu is the bright yellow shade and of course not to mention, it’s charming smile. The bright yellow tint and that charming smile on this coffee mug is sure to energize the start of any gloomy day.

  1. Those tiny planters that resemble Bulbasaur come in different colours as well!

 tiny planters

This is definitely something you would love to stock up on! Those bright colours and the cute shape will make your plants happy as well. Go ahead and catch them all!

  1. If you want a bigger planter let Oddish come to the rescue!

 bigger planter

When your tiny plants want more space to grow vigorously, cute oddish will come for their rescue. In case you want a bit more voluptuous planters for the bigger plants, go for this oddish plantar.

  1. This is exactly what a Bulbasaur fan would love to be gifted!

 bulbasur hoody

This definitely deserves a place in your wardrobe. The perfect combination of a hoodie and the backpack which resembles the whole of bulbasaur! You can also get yourself similar merchandise in resemblance for all other Pokémon characters.

  1. Those amazing and huge Pokémon Substitute plushes for all those moments of emotional swings.

lions Pokémon

Just put your head on their lap and sleep your day off through those terrible memories. These cute plushes are sure to get you some good sleep through a sad day.

  1. The all fancy Pokémon printed scarf.

 pokemon scarf

No matters whether you are in the absolute need of a scarf or not, you are surely gonna buy this for yourself. Indeed very funky!

  1. This more than perfect Pikachu decal for your priceless Mac book.

 pikachu decal for macbook

Of course he will need food after so much show and fight! And it looks like Pikachu is perfectly positioned for the apple of your macbook.

  1. Those posh pixellated Pokéball key chains for your keys and phones.

 keychains Pokémon

These goodies seem to be almost everywhere. Such small and so portable, yet so bright they won’t let your keys go out of sight.