15 Enticing Tearooms worth a Lifetime Visit

Be it the evergreen romantic table-for-two or be it a lovely timeout with the kitty party showstoppers, tearooms have always been a charm. Vibrant interior finishes and lush green Bonsai climbers on the windows and doors are the integral part of any standard tearoom where usually varieties of tea from all around the globe and light brunches are served. Tearooms are usually preferred by silence loving people owing to the sedate or subdued surroundings they provide. So, from fuming hot teapots to scrumptious scones, here’s a peek into some of the best tearooms around the world that should be on your bucket list.

  1. Titanic Belfast


It is a monument to the shipyard where RMS titanic was originally built. Located at North Ireland in the United Kingdom, it is the largest titanic-themed attraction of its kind.



The extravagant and indulgent afternoon tea on its menu could make you skip the amazing lunch menu as well. The replica of Titanic’s giant staircase is the centre of fascination here.


Belfast Restaurant Week 2012


  1. Richmond Tea Rooms



Obsessed with fairytale stories?? This might be the perfect destination for your brunch. This traditional luxury located at the heart of Manchester city pays homage to Tim Burton’s evergreen classic, Alice in Wonderland by recreating the aura in one of its tea rooms.



And here is some good news for all the fitness freaks out there!! Their favourite menu, their speciality, the Hatters tea comes in a gluten free option too. Definitely a reason to visit this fairy-tea-land then!!




  1. Blacker hall farm



Located at the town of Wakefield, United Kingdom, Blacker hall farm shop offers a variety of products. This shop is owned by the Garthwhite family who retail locally sourced produce without the slightest compromise on their quality. With a wine shop, a butcher, the “Blacker butchery”; a cafe, the “Barn cafe” and a bakery, “great Yorkshire fresh food” is their punch line.



The Yorkshire cream tea, the open ham sandwiches and the irresistible pork pizzas are worth immense indulgence. Vegetarians, they have delicacies for you as well, the “vegetarian ploughness”, piccalilli open sandwiches and millionaire short-breads.



  1. Harriet’s Tea Room



Initially at Bury St Edmunds and Cambridge, they are the latest addition to Norwich’s London Street. The traditionally dressed staffs are eye-candy to the customers who line up throughout the day for a bite of those sweet savouries. The vintage yesteryear interiors and fresh flowers on each table add an extra flavour of pleasure to their amazing menu. This place is quite known for the sausages and eggs on its full grill breakfast menu. Here is a special hamper specially designed by the Harriet’s staff for Valentines’ eve.



  1. Pettigrew tea Rooms

 Bute Park is the primary thing that would grasp any tourist’s vision on entering Cardiff city centre and was definitely why this place was chosen for this castle-alike restaurant. This proudly independent tea room is located at the gatehouse of the park.


Famous for its’ dainty afternoon tea and carrot cakes, this vintage styled tea room boasts of its extensive menu which encompasses not only commoners like poached eggs on toast but also seasonal specials like “High tea” and “Pettigrew welsh breakfast”.




  1. Biddy’s

 This vintage tea room at Norwich’s most popular “lanes” is popular for its lavish traditional decoration and its exotic range of sandwiches as well as floats. The sandwich fillets include goat’s cheese, figs, almonds and lots more. It is known to serve the most reasonable afternoon teas of all the places mentioned on this list which consists of a pot of tea which can be refilled at the customer’s will, three pieces of finger sandwiches and a huge slab of cake. The cream tea and High tea are yet other popular servings here. There’s more, they serve exotic lavender scones too! Pretty much interesting right?





  1. Beauvale priory

Set amongst the enriched countryside of Nottingham, Beauvale Priory was originally rumoured to be inhabited by the Carthusian monks till the 16th century. The tearooms are originally placed within the gatehouse which was built back at 1343.They serve a wide range of homemade cakes and soups, teas, coffees and light lunches.


One can combine a guided tour of the monastery ruins with an amazing afternoon tea. The Beer festival held annually in the priory is a special attraction indeed.



  1. Oh Me Oh My



West Africa house which used to be the Bank of West Africa now houses this beautifully grand tea house. Besides its afternoon tea, it is also popular as a secret wedding reception venue. The bank disguise of the building helps keep this ambient tea house safe as a secret place. The Parisian afternoon tea with an extensive range of finger sandwiches and sweet delights are sure to tempt your taste buds.



  1. Hidden treasures

 Cozily nested in Exeter’s artisan West quarter, this tea house is sure to make you out of choices while scrolling through the menu. From homemade scones and cakes to handmade clotted cream truffles and of course the afternoon tea with sandwiches, this place is a hit for all ages.


Hidden Treasure Tea Room - Exeter

Organic fair-trade coffees and loose leaf teas are their special areas. Fine cutlery made out of bone china, napkins of linen and fancy forks add a touch of elegance to the decoration.



  1. Blitz Tea Room

At Kettering, the Blitz tea room with the Jazz lounge are an absolute piece of vintage luxury. With their afternoon tea is blended an essence of the 1940s vibe. The lounge gives you an altogether different experience with yet again the glamour of 20th century reverberating the place. Indulge yourself in the enchanting music from Glen Miller with Churchill or Vera Lynn on your table.




  1. The Butterfly and the pig



Glit framed mirrors, live bands and DJs form the life of this place at the Bath Street in Glasgow. With mismatched interiors and shabby furniture, this definitely is one of the amusing places for a kitty party tea time or a “cozy table for two” time. Dinners and main courses are served downstairs whilst the breakfast, afternoon tea and high tea are served by the pretty waitresses upstairs. In short, they will have something on their menu for you, no matter what time of the day it is.

image32 image33

Fried eggs with pineapple combined with a brew of Jeremiah weed root along with Gammon steak and Cream cheese on an oatcake with some Scottish smoked salmon are few of their exuberant scrumptious afternoon fantasies.


  1. Tudor Rose English Tea Rooms



Yet more vintage here! An Elizabethan Garden and a building dating back to the 17th century add to the luxury of this place at Plymouth, United Kingdom and make it too dreamy to be real. Even the very normal whipped cream teas, clotted cream and the hot chocolates are magnificent drinks to lose the self within. From delicious scones to finger sandwiches, they serve every dish in fine porcelain cutlery. Besides, they are known to encourage the social observance of occasions like National Cream tea day and organise events like flavour fests in the locality.




  1. Sally Lunn’s



In the heart of the city of Bath England, Sally Lunn’s is much more than just a popular tea and eating house. The historic building is one of Bath’s oldest till date tea houses. Time is witness to the legendary baker Sally Lunn known to bake the first Bath bun-a regional speciality now popular worldwide.



The kitchen museum encompasses the original kitchen used by the young baker in Georgian Bath. They argue to be an authentic English eating house who serves lunch, afternoon tea, morning coffee and dinner, both pre- and post-theatre. There is found much of historic tints in their menu which still includes the sally lunn bun baked to a recipe that remains a secret till date.



  1. Blackbird tearooms



They are a house of traditional tearooms at Brighton, Sussex who have got a vintagey dining room for all of the day’s servings. They are famous for their photogenic set of afternoon teas which as the phrase suggests are not only worth wasting time in sheer indulgence but also shall make you click a dozen snaps to instagram them right away! Indeed they serve the best afternoon tea in Brighton. Upstairs, they have the formal yet gorgeous tea room. Excellent crockery, tea strainers and tea pots define the English influence. Amazing cappuccino alert!! They are famous for their cappuccinos as well.





  1. Betty’s


Keeping its position quite inevitable in UK’s list of top five places for Christmas shopping, Betty’s Cafe tearooms and craft Bakeries are an iconic essential part of England. They boast of a long 95 years of experience in English delights. Home cooked lunches and traditional afternoon teas are their special areas. The cakes and other bakes at the display table are tempting enough to make you grasp all of them together at once. The York branch had become famous especially in the world war-2 era for the bar downstairs.