14 Interesting Facts about Animal World

The diversity of animal world has so far been slowly unfolded. Despite in depth research into animals, their habits and lifestyles, we are yet to discover some very interesting facts about them.

Interesting Facts about Animal World

Let us see how many of you actually know the animal world well from the fact that you already know what has been mentioned below.

  1. If you have ophidiophobia, then you have that irrational fear from snakes which makes you hear hissing noises out of absolutely nowhere.



  1. The Dolphin, fish or mammal? Mammal or fish? Mammal it is people! It doesn’t lay eggs and rather gives birth to live dolphins in itself is the biggest proof advocating the fact.




  1. Are bats really blind? Certainly a big no to that long-standing myth! They are proficient hunters even in the dark which just proves their visual capacities.




  1. The Ostrich is a flightless bird and lives on the open planes of Africa. Everyone is definitely familiar with that. But, did you know that it lays around 60 eggs per year with each of its eggs weighing around 2 kilograms and 300 grams.




  1. Scientists have found fossil remains of a fish that was thought to be alive around 350 million years ago. At first it was thought that the fish had died, but living specimens have been caught. It is indeed none other than the Coelacanth, member of the class crossopterygii from the Palaeozoic era. It made its modern comeback debut just a couple of days before the Christmas of year 1938.




  1. The Owl has the ability to turn its head through 270 degrees, all due to their large eyes being fixed in the sockets and, at low light levels, has eyesight 100 times more acute than that of a human being! They possess 14 vertebrae in their necks as compared to 7 in humans which accounts for flexibility of their necks.





  1. The Tuataras group of reptiles live on islands near New Zealand and lived at the same place even at the time of dinosaurs.




  1. The Axolotl are a variety of salamanders that sometimes kept as pets, have never developed fully into adults. They do retain feathery gills on the outside of their bodies.




  1. Ladybird beetles also known as ladybugs are popular as friends of gardeners. They exude a bright yellow bitter tasting liquid when threatened.




  1. The Woodlouse is the only one of its kind, among the crustaceans to live entirely on land.




  1. Staghorn, rain, star, pillar…confused as to what they are? Definitely not stationary! They belong to our diverse underwater fauna. Well stars!! Which marine animal group could have such members? Coral is the answer!




  1. Cats, contrary to the popular misnomer, cannot see in total darkness.




  1. In winters, animals such as bears and hedgehogs slow down their bodies to a permanent state of drowsiness which is known as hibernation.




  1. These birds have been named aptly! They live in the Galapagos Islands, among other places. The name- blue footed boobies!


blue footed boobies