14 awesome and healthy DIY tricks with fruits

Fruits are something almost majority of a nation’s population can depend on. The health benefits as well as least risk for unnecessary calorie gain are why everyone loves savouring on them.  

  1. A single ingredient home-made ice-cream


And the best thing about home-made stuff is you will never be guilty of eating them! So here’s the trick. Peel four standard sized ripe bananas and put them into the freezer for 60 minutes.
Banana Home made ice cream

After taking them out, slice them roughly and toss them into the blender. That will give a super smooth delicious frozen treat Add sugar and chocolate chips as per your convenience.

  1. Use a drinking straw to remove that stem from the sweet strawberry.


Use a straw to pop out that unwanted obstruction to pure sweetness!

  1. The Melon Fruit bowl


Carve out all contents of a wholesome melon you intend to eat and use the hollowed out melon cover as a natural bowl for any fruit salad or similar servings.

  1. Crispy dried fruit fantasies.

Dried fruit

To make yourself some awesome dry fruits at home bake pears, bananas and green apples for 6 hours respectively at 130-160 F temperature. Grapes and oranges are to be baked at the same temperature for 8 hours while strawberries and cherries need a long 12 hour baking time.

  1. A simple trick to assess how edible the avocado is!

the avocado

Just remove the remnant stem and check if the flesh on the ripped part appears off white to yellowish. Anything browner than that indicates the path ahead to the dustbin! Plus, if you intend to eat only half of the avocado, leave a seed pit in the other half and store it in your refrigerator.

  1. Fruit + Ice tray. Pure bliss!

Fruit + Ice tray

Add fruits to your ice trays to make the water sweeter!!

  1. Prevent the sliced apples from turning brown with this simple trick!!

Prevent the sliced apples

Mix 2 tablespoons of honey in water and soak the sliced apples for a few minutes to prevent them from turning brown.

  1. Juice out the lemon perfectly!!

Juice out the lemon

No, you should be using a juicer no more!! Just use a pair of tongs to squeeze that juicy lemon for a sexy glass of lemonade in the sun!!

  1. Yummy caramel apples using a melon baller.

Apple with mellon baller


Carve out standard round pieces of apple with a melon baller, insert a popsicle stick into each of them and dip them in caramel to make easy caramel apples.

  1. Wonderful health benefits of Pineapple juice!!

Pine apple

Pineapple juice is 5 times more effective than syrups in curing cough. It also prevents common cold and flu.

  1. A totally non-messy method to slice up that juicy mango:


You will always need a firm ripe mango for this. First, slice a part of it and create horizontal and vertical cuts in it. This will give you small popping squares when you push the peel towards the front. Indeed a beautiful way to cut out cute cubes of mango slices!

  1. Apple juice for juicier dreams!!

Apple Juice

Do you want to see vivid awesome dreams, drink apple juice before going to bed

  1. Frozen fruit kebabs!!



Too much of hot kebabs, time to try some cold ones now!! Just place a number of fruits on a skewer or kebab steaks on a platter and place them in the freezer!! Serve them beautiful frozen kebabs at a refreshing pool party.