13 places in India you must visit in the upcoming winter vacation

Winters are the peak season for tourism in India. As the sun starts to move towards the southern hemisphere, India being in the northern hemisphere becomes a perfect place for the travelers to explore. While summers in India often limit the traveling options, winters on the other hand opens up a plethora of choices. From the beaches to the deserts and from the bustling city life to the secluded mountains, the travelers are spoilt for choices. Here are the top 13 places in India you can choose from for you next vacation this winter.


places in India you must visit in the upcoming winter vacation


  1. Kashmir

Popularly known as the “Paradise on Earth”, Kashmir is the jewel of India. Although, it can be visited any time of the year, winters offer a very unique and exquisite peek into this wonderland. The snow capped mountains and frequent snowfall attract both the honeymooners and adventure seekers alike. It is also less crowded which makes it even more beautiful and charming.




  1. Auli

A winter holiday without the snow, gives a feeling of incompleteness. Nothing can beat the experience of vacationing between the snow filled mountains during winters. If Kashmir comes across as a little difficult choice, try Auli, the famous skiing destination in India. It attracts tourists from all over the globe during the winters. And if you are not fond of skiing, then just relax and enjoy the scenic views of Himalayas from your resort.




  1. Goa

Goa is one of the most visited places in India. The prime reason is, it has something to offer to all kinds of travelers. It doesn’t matter, if you are a romantic or a loner, a peace seeker or a party animal, Goa is the place to be. And it happens to be in its full glory during the winters. It boasts of the biggest party during Christmas and New Year along with the annual SUNBURN festival and Electronic Dance Music.


sunbrun goa


  1. Rajasthan

Rajasthan has consistently been the top destination for foreign travelers for last many years. While summers are often inhospitable, Rajasthan comes alive during the winters. It is also one of the most versatile destinations in India. Royalty, tradition, romance, hill station, wild life sanctuary; you think of anything and you shall have it here. Most famous tourist places of rajasthan are Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Mount Abu, Jaisalmer, Ranthambore, Bikaner etc. While most of these places are famous for their breath-taking palaces, Mount Abu is the only hill station of this desert. Ranthambore being known for the richest area of flora and fauna is also famous as one of the best tiger reserves in India.




  1. Rann Of Kutch

Rann Of Kutch in the Thar Desert is the largest salt desert in the world that ends in north Gujarat. While summers here are extremely hot, it is only in the winters that you get to see the entire vastness of the desert in its full glory. Add to it the annual two month long festival “ Rann Utsav” which is organized in the month of December by the Gujrat Tourism Development Cell. Biking and a night safari on a full moon night in Rann of Kutch is often found in the bucket list of thousands of youngsters across the country.


Rann Of Kutch


  1. Lakshadweep

Located at about 400 kms off the Indian west coast, Lakshadweep is one of the most beautiful coastal destinations in India. The visibility of pristine archipelago lagoons and unspoiled coral reefs increases manifold in cold weather. It also attracts water sport lovers who can enjoy scuba diving, yachting, canoeing, snorkeling and pedal boating.




  1. Kerala:

The tranquility and serenity along with abundance of natural beauty has made Kerela a sought after destination in the recent years. Alappuzah and Thrissur are most famous winter holiday destinations of Kerala. Enjoying houseboats in Alappuzah leaves the traveler with an unforgettable experience. Thrissur is also known as the cultural capital of Kerala.




  1. Andaman

The islands of Andaman can boast of the most pristine beaches in the country. If you happen to be planning your honeymoon, a family trip or even an adventure holiday with friends, look no further. Andaman offers you everything and more. Because of its proximity to the equator, it is best enjoyable in the winters.




  1. Puducherry:

If you want to experience something surreal, visit this oasis not far from Chennai; a fusion of French culture and Indian traditions. It has some beautiful beaches and buildings which will take your breath away. For a moment of tranquility, one can go to the Aurobindo Ashram.




  1. Mahabalipuram

Elaborately carved, intricate temples and rock cut caves on one side and pristine white sandy beaches on the other makes Mahabalipuram, a very popular tourist destination. Add to it the pleasant weather in the winters, and you get an almost perfect place for your next vacation.




  1. Gangtok

The Shivalik hills of the eastern Himalayan ranges gives a unique charm to this place. It has the ability to raise your spirits and make you fall in love with the north eastern beauty this place has to offer. For those who do not like chilly weather, it is best avoidable, but for the rest, it is one of the most beautiful places one can visit in India.




  1. Konark

Like most other places, Odisha too is at its best during the winters. The konark festival is one of the most popular event and winter festival in India. It also happens to be the home of the famous Sun temple, now a world heritage site. It is a one stop destination to see some of the oldest the best dance forms in India with the majestic temple in the backdrop.




  1. Kaziranga National Park

This one may not interest everyone, but for the wild life enthusiasts, this place comes alive in the month of December. It is a UNESCO world heritage site houses the most number of one horned rhinoceros in the world. It is one of the most bio diverse regions with tigers,m leopards, foxes, deer, flying squirrels, pelicans, hornbill and plenty of other floral and fauna species.


Kaziranga National Park