13 Essentials Extensions And Apps To keep you alert of things around you

Time to get your gadgets an alert makeover folks! We really need to thank those tech giants and geek Gods for developing such savvy apps to keep us all informed. No matter how much the intensity of the denial for technology and gadgets be, every other gadget hater is gonna need these extensions.

1.  Archives + Absences

Archives + Absences

You will get a notification for every time the United States police kill someone. You can get it for Free on your iOS.

2. Buycott


You can now scan the barcodes on various products using this app and learn if there has been any sort of animal testing, illegal labour or other unethical methods involved in the process of manufacturing the product. Buycott is free for iOSAndroid and Chrome.

3. Circle of 6

Circle of 6

Designed for iOS and Android, the circle of 6 app uses your buddy system know about each other by keeping eyes on each one of them while away. It was originally made to know about sexual assault.

4. Mobile Justice

Mobile Justice

This app lets you pass information to your local Liberties Union office via audio visual media about illicit happenings around you. Plus, this will be very helpful if the police cease your phone during any strike or protest. It also has the provision of access to your basic legal rights while dealing with the police. This app also has easy-to-access information about your legal rights when dealing with police.

5. Stop and Frisk Watch

Stop and Frisk Watch

The app is another version of the Mobile Justice app made specifically against New York’s controversial “stop and frisk” laws. Free for iOS and Android.

6. Whatsapp and Signal

Whatsapp and Signal

Signal already used end to end encryption for its chat and voice call exchange system and now Whatsapp has included the same feature. With the encryption, the data on your calls and messages get locked securely as it travels. The unlock code is safe only with the individual user and simply no one else can access the conversations, not even the internet company.

7. e-ZING Crypto-messenger;

e-ZING Crypto-messenger

This app for Android makes it way easier to exchange messages because it uses one of the most primitive method of e-communication i.e., e-mail. At the same time, it comes with the advantage of data encryption as well.

9. Oh Crap! Help now!

Oh Crap! Help now!

This app helps you know about your rights in several situations as well as allows you quick access to lawyers when you get pulled over. Available for free on iOS and Android.

10. Universal encryption-HTTPS

Universal encryption-HTTPS

HTTPS Everywhere being the necessity of all web traffic is responsible for the encryption of all public and private browsing. You can get it on your preferred browser.

11. Ghostery


Ghostery allows you the pleasure of choosing which companies should track your data and which not. Get it for your preferred browser.

12. Disconnect Search

disconnect search

Disconnect Search exclusively for chrome is an exclusive search engine just like Google with private encryption service. It allows you to search without allowing any other web company track your searches and providing them any information about you. It is different from the Disconnect app which is all the same as Ghostery.

13. 1Blocker


This is an amazing ad blocker app designed specifically for Safari on iPhone.