12 Adventure sports in every thrill seekers bucket list

We all fear death. Even though it is the most certain aspect of life, it scares us. However, strange it might seem the human mind often loves the idea of cheating death in its own way. The rush one gets in doing so is far more than any narcotics can ever provide. To add to it, it is much more addictive as well. The good thing is it doesn’t cause cancer and leaves you with memories which linger in your heart and mind forever. Also, it happens to be completely legal. While there was a time when such adventure stunts were best left to the professionals, today anyone can do them under the expert guidance. Although there are quite a lot of adventure sports, there are some which are just crazy, heart throbbing and a bucket list item of most thrill seeker.


Adventure sports in every thrill seekers bucket list


  1. Para Gliding

Para glider is a free flying, light weight glider aircraft and is launched by foot. The aerodynamic structure of the fabric shaped by its suspension line helps in the navigation. It requires a little technical know- how to do it single handedly; however tourist attempt it all the time under the expert guidance. Even though you can do this literally in most tourist destinations, some of the absolutely mind blowing places to do this are Chamonix/Mont Blanc, France and Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany.




  1. Skiing

Since, forever, the snow clad peaks of Kashmir and Switzerland have captured the imagination of skiing enthusiasts. Skiing today isn’t just an adventure sport but has grown into a professionally managed championship event. It is one of those activities which can make a person sweat even in sub zero temperatures.




  1. Bobsledding

This sport was a result of fooling around by some adventurers on the skiing field. It involves sliding down an ice cover on a four runner sled called as bobsleigh. The drivers plummet down a hill on a snow covered track with lot of twists and turns. Having no functional control other than maneuvering the entire sleigh adds to the adrenaline rush as well as the risk of severe injuries because of a wrong twist or a turn.




  1. Glacier Climbing

Being on a glacier itself is quite adventurous. Add to it, the sport of Glacier Climbing. The result you get is a highly dangerous, exciting and challenging activity with the reward of a very thrilling experience. The pre requisites are good health, fitness, an aware state of mind and knowing the basics of ice axes, harnesses and safety ropes. Although there are quite a few places to do this, one of the best places is Jostedal Ice Cap, Norway.


glacier climbing


  1. Scuba Diving

It is one of those activities which give you a huge adrenaline rush and a feeling of calmness at the same time. The underwater world has its own charm and beauty with hundreds of beautiful fishes, corals and caves. You don’t have to know swimming to do this; however, you do need guidance and an expert to accompany you under water. There is no “one” best place to do this as there are quite a lot of them. However, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia has its own special ranking.


scuba diving


  1. Freshwater cave diving

When you are bored of simpler activities like ocean scuba, you aim for the next level by descending into a hole in the earth just to see and explore a submerged cave and stalactites. The crystal clear turquoise pools in the Yutcan Peninsula, Mexico attract the brave hearts from all over the world to attempt freshwater cave diving.


Freshwater cave diving


  1. White water Rafting

It is certainly not for the weak hearted and those afraid of water. In this sport, you navigate the rapids graded from one to five in an inflatable boat. The ride can get ferociously fast and bumpy depending on the pace of the river and is probably one of the most thrilling water related adventure sport. Some of the world’s most scenic grade five rapids are found in the Zambezi River, Zambia.


white water rafting


  1. Kite Surfing

It is an exciting fusion of wake boarding, windsurfing and paragliding. A power kite is used to proper oneself across the ocean while trying to stand on a specially made board. Other than lot of courage and strength, windy beaches are a prerequisite for kite surfing. Off late, it has been gaining a lot of popularity.


Kite Surfing


  1. Zorbing

It is wacky and a crazy to say the least. Although safe, it is a heart throbbing experience to roll downhill inside an inflatable ball. However, if you think you might just puke, it is best left to those with a stronger core muscles because ones you begin; there is no stopping before reaching the end. The best place to enjoy Zorbing like many other adventure sports is New Zealand.




  1. Volcano Boarding

When you zoom down the face of an active volcano using your heels to steer and brake, the crazy act is known as volcano boarding. The pros have often achieved speeds up to 90 km/hr.


Volcano Boarding


  1. Bungee Jumping

The first ever bungee jump was done in Queenstown, New Zealand by AJ Hackett and since then it has gained immense popularity amongst the thrill seekers. You are tied to an elastic rope with a body harness and then made to jump. The jump site could be anything; building, bridge, natural rock structure and even a helicopter or a hot air balloon. All you have to do is gather the guts to jump and the rest is done by the gravity. The highest Bungee Jumping site is Macau Tower, China


Bungee Jumping


  1. Skydiving

It is the mother lord of all adventure sports. The rush you get while jumping from a plane from anywhere between 9000 to 18000 feet and freely falling under gravity for a good 45 to 60 seconds is worth all the risk. It is something which only a certain kind of people can attempt to do. Some of the best places to do it are New Zealand, Australia, USA, Switzerland and South Africa.