12 Pics tell You very beautiful tale about Udaipur

We bet nothing other than this collection of photographs could describe this wonderful city of lakes better than some awesome photography like this.

1. A perfect panoramic view of the city

Here’s the whole story in one single perfect piece. Short of words, right? The lush green landscape, the islands amidst the marvellously blue water bodies, the magnificent mountains in the backdrop and last but not the least, the palaces and buildings to add the perfect touch of Rajasthan!

panoramic view of the city

2. The Pleasant and Astounding Lake Pichola

Would you believe us if we said that this huge fresh water lake is totally artificial with its creation dating back to 1362 AD? Difficult to get down your gut right! Well, these artificial lakes were built to meet the water demands of the residents.


3. Garden of the Maidens, Popularly known locally as “Sahelion ki Baadi”

Marble elephants, beautiful fountains, kiosks and a lotus pool form the attraction core of this popular garden and tourist place at Udaipur. The garden embraces beauty on the lap of the Fateh sagar lake which feeds the fountains and ponds of this garden.


4. To observe the astounding universe, the Udaipur solar observatory and physical research laboratory

Set away from all the hustle on this tiny secluded island amid the Fateh Sagar Lake, Udaipur solar observatory lets you enjoy the magical wonders of the universe. Yes, the sunset as well as the sunrise for us common folks and research into all other heavenly phenomena for geniuses like Dr. Arvind Bhatnagar who is the scientist responsible for the observatory. The best part, no disturbances possible!

Udaipur solar observatory and physical research laboratory

5. Their largest garden- Gulab Bagh and zoo

Inheriting its name from the huge variety of roses that crowd the aura of the garden, Gulab Bagh spreads over 100 acres of land. The huge garden also encompasses a zoo as well as the Victoria Hall Museum.


6. Sukhadia Circle Recreational Centre

The Sukhadia Circle is a very famous recreational centre located in Udaipur’s northern suburb of Panchwati. The thing that is sure gonna trap your eyes is the 21 feet high three tiered fountain made entirely of white marble resembling an ear motif.

Sukhadia Circle

7. The Enormously Beautiful City Palace

This magnificent palace complex indeed is an architectural wonder and presents a classic symbol of the ethnicity and royal aura of Rajasthan. It is currently ranked proudly at the position of the most frequently visited tourist attraction in the city.


8. The fantasy fairytale alike Jag Mandir Palace

Also known as the Lake garden palace, the Jag Mandir Palace owes its creation to the brave Sisodia rajputs of the Mewar Kingdom, specifically Maharana Jagat Singh, after whom it has been named The unique marble and yellow sandstone framework of the palace depicts the real glory and grandeur of the Rajputs.


9. Shilpgram, the artist folks’ place

You can very well picturise what the viewers must be getting to enjoy from this picture of a troupe of artists in this villa 3 kms away from the city near the Havala village-none other than Shilpgram. This indigenous rural crafts and arts complex lies surrounded in the cozy arms of the Aravalli mountain range and spreads over 70 acres.


10. The huge Lake Badi

Yet another major artificial water body is the Lake Badi. It was built by Maharana Raj singh I to counter the devastation caused by a famine back in the 17th century. Located 12 kms away from Udaipur, the lake keeps itself away from the noisy moods of the city and lets you enjoy the serene expanse.

The huge Lake Badi

11. The Lush Green Nehru Garden

This looks like the only spot of greenery in middle of the enormous body of the Fateh Sagar lake. You can enjoy a leisurely visit via a rented boat to this beautiful garden.

The Lush Green Nehru Garden

12. Eagle’s eye of the city: Sajjangarh palace

Located at an altitude good enough to stand atop all other buildings in the city, Sajjangarh palace overlooks this city proudly. The proud hilltop palatial residence built atop the Aravalli mountains back at 1884 holds an eye over the city from above the Fateh Sagar Lake. The chief purpose was to watch the monsoon clouds, hence the name, The Monsoon palace.