11 Steps to keep your email safe from being hacked

11 steps to keep email safe

Almost everyone has an email and it is the basic requirement to work online, join a social networking website or to get feeds of any interesting website. There are certain Do’s and Don’ts to be followed to keep ones email safe.

  1. Never check your email on a shared computer, an unsecured network, internet café, business institution or library.
  2. Logging out of the email as soon as work is completed is a necessary step.
  3. Email username and password should not be used for any other purpose or for any other id.
  4. Clear your old emails regularly as they may contain your bank details sent to a family member , financial details, username and password of other id’s or any other sensitive information which can be misused by anyone who hacked into your account.
  5. If you receive any email which promises you easy money, credit card without verification, loan at low interest, money making tricks or lottery prize never reply to those emails as they are tricks by frauds to extract sensitive information from you, which they will later misuse.
  6. People should not reply to anonymous mails claiming to be their friends stuck penniless somewhere. These are tricks used by cyber criminals to fool people and extract money from them.
  7. If you ever receive a mail from your bank or credit card company asking you to verify your account details do not provide your details to them as no financial institution use email for communicating with their client and never ask their client to verify their details over email.
  8. Never involve in scams like a foreign company asking you to process their payments and will give you commission, people asking you to send money for them and in return will give you extra money.
  9. Never fall for mails saying you have lost your credit card or your credit card details have been compromised.
  10. Never believe people asking for donations over internet always verify where the money is going before making any donations.
  11. Last but not the least do not click on mails which give tempting travel packages, these packages are too good to be true.


Follow these minimum steps to keep you email safe from fraudsters and hackers.



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