11 Reasons why South Africa has to be your next holiday destination

If you randomly ask people about their dream choice for the next holiday, most of the answers tend to fall in the European countries or in the recent times in the continent of Australia. Not that, these are bad choices, but they sure are conventional and conformist. So what could be the choice which is different and new and yet as amazing as the traditional ones. A lot of travelers look for places not frequented by too many people so as to avoid the crowd and explore the untouched aspects of the land. I will give you 11 very good reasons on why South Africa ought to be your next travel destination, if you really want to be a traveler with a difference.

  1. Amazing natural beauty

 You will be amazed to see how beautiful this country actually is. From the majestic Table Mountains to the Signal Hills and from the pristine beaches to the oldest rock formations, South Africa is a beautiful overdose of natural beauty. If visited in the proper weather, it can offer you the prettiest sights of nature you would ever have had.


Amazing natural beauty-coffee bay

Amazing natural beauty


  1. Exciting Wildlife

Even if you are not an avid wildlife lover you will love the experiences this place has to offer. With quite a good number of game reserves, it takes wildlife viewing to an all together different level. The royalty of the African elephants and the lions just can’t be ignored neither can the beauty of those giraffe and zebras in the open wild. These game reserves tend to be a heaven for the wild life photographers to like to capture the essence in the most natural surroundings possible.


exciting wildlife

exciting wildlife 2


  1. Party Destination

 Cape Town, the capital of South Africa has some of the best nightlife in the entire world. Add to it the diverse ethnicity of this place. The chances are you will bump into an Asian, American, European and even an Australian in the same bar, you are having a drink. This makes the place even more apt for travelers who like to meet new people and party with them.


Party Destination


  1. Wineries

South Africa has some of the best wine yards and those interested in wine tasting are sure to have a marvelous time. They even mix wine tasting with a horse ride which makes it a beautiful experience for most couples visiting this place on their honeymoon. You could also take a hot air balloon over one of the wine yards and get greeted with a sumptuous breakfast and Champagne.


  1. Road trips

In recent times, a lot of people have started to take long road trips and plan the trip accordingly. South Africa offers some of the best scenic drives for the tourists who like to live it out on the roads. With the beautiful blue ocean on one side and lush green mountains on the other, the Chapman peak drive is one of the most popular drives in the country which has started to attract a lot of travelers.


cape-town-Road trips


  1. Heaven for adventure sports

For all those, whose traveling is often defined by the adventure sports, there is an absolute abundance of it in South Africa. Not only does it offer a variety of adventure sports, most of them are the best in their respective categories. You have the highest natural Bungee Jumping in South Africa. It is bound to give chills to most of the brave hearts. South Africa is one of the safest and beautiful places to sky dive. The game reserves are a famous location for Hot Air Ballooning in which tourists get to see the Big 5 of Africa from up in the air. Scuba Diving is pretty famous in the beach areas which are rich in corals and so are the other sports like paragliding and parasailing.


kite-surfing-adventure sports


  1. Great White Sharks

This is a reason big enough in itself to visit South Africa. These majestic creatures are one of the most dangerous predators in the world and a chance to see them becomes highly probably when you are in South Africa. They are quite simply a sight to behold. A lot of experiential packages are there involving the great white sharks. One of the craziest ways to see and experience them is to lock yourself in a cage and swim with them.




  1. Rich History

South Africa has been an epicenter for quite a lot of historical events which has shaped history. It was the home to Nelson Mandela and the Robben Island, where he was kept as a prisoner, is a frequently visited place. It takes you back in the history and you get to have a peek on how the revolution to end apartheid actually started.


Rich History - robben island


  1. Treks

South Africa has some of the most beautiful and challenging treks to offer to the visitors who like to sweat it out. The trek to Cape of Good Hope is one of the most picturesque and you get this hair rising feeling of being the point after which the next land mass is only Antarctica and between them is just vast stretches of water. If you are lucky, you could even spot a whale out in the waters while you walk along the ocean.




  1. Gold Mines

One of the earliest “Gold Rush” was to South Africa. When you are in Johannesburg, you can actually go down in what used to be an actual gold mine and see how the extraction took place. It is quite an experience to be in a place which shaped history in both good and bad ways.


gold mine


  1. Miscellaneous

A lot of casual tourists like to visit the usual touristy spots like theme parks, aquariums and good places to shop. Cape Town and some other cities in South Africa provide ample of these opportunities to the travelers, and thus making it a worthy place to visit. Johannesburg has some of the best casinos too where you can try your luck to win back all the money you just spent on traveling. Wouldn’t that be awesome!


casual tourists