10 Picture perfect destinations for nature seekers

For all the people who want to sacrifice their lives at the feet of nature and embrace themselves upon the lap of mother earth, uhh too much of philosophy we guess! Here is a unique list of 10 places every nature admirer would definitely go wander lusting forever for!

  1. Explore the beauty of Oregon Coast:

Oregon Coast1

If staying at posh places and having expensive dines is not all that you wanna do at your honeymoon, do give a thought about this beautiful coast.

Oregon Coast

There are plenty of activities you can do here. Cozy restaurants by the coast, some lovely sea food, museums, art exhibits and what not! Do not forget to visit Thor’s hammer while at the Oregon coast.

  1. For the nature lovers, the outdoors in Gatlinburg, Tennessee :

Gatlinburg, Tennessee

The beautiful and absolutely organic rented cabins at Tennessee are sure to lure nature lovers. The National Park is an absolute wonder with a huge variety of fauna and flora.

Gatlinburg, Tennessee 1

The lush greenery and the beautiful roads amongst the green belts will be the perfect pick for all  those seeking nature.

  1. Sail all the way along on an Alaskan cruise:

Alaskan cruise

For the adventure friendly crowds, this is enough to satisfy your wildest instincts.


The Alaskan valleys, the forests and the wildlife is just the whole of mother nature embracing you with her tender arms, wide open.

  1. Enjoy the Northern lights at Iceland:

Northern lights at Iceland

Iceland, as the name suggests is crowded with beautiful glaciers, mountains and frozen water bodies. The charm of the northern lights at dusk, the volcanoes and even the hot springs are worth a certain watch. You will actually feel like you are at yet another separate planet while at Iceland.

  1. Plenty from nature’s own lap in Costa Rica:


This rain forested, rugged Central American country is indeed one of the most diverse places for biodiversity. Apart from the rain forests, Costa Rica is known for its’ volcanoes, hot springs and beaches.


Around a quarter of its land is occupied by wildlife and protected jungle. From white water rafting to snorkelling, ziplining and fishing, there are a bunch of other things your bucket list will seem to fall short for.

  1. One of the Seven Wonders of the World at Peru:


This 15th century Incan wonder at the clouds above 2430 metres above the sea level is set amongst the Andes Mountains in Peru.


Amidst the beautiful tropical rainforest, lies this World Heritage site reknowned for its’ dry stone walls construction.

  1. The reefs and coasts of Curaçao:

reefs and coasts of Curaçao

Curacao is a delicate Caribbean island known for it’s tucked in beaches and extensively beautiful coral reefs.


Amongst the places of interest are the Curacao synagogue, ABC islands, seaquarium beach, Playa Cas Abou and Klein Curacao. Snorkelling, personal underwater submarining and swimming with the dolphins are something you might never have come across at other Caribbean beaches.

  1. Renewal and rejuvenance at Bali, Indonesia:


Home to some eruptive volcanoes, coral reefs, beaches and some very iconic paddies, Bali is the perfect place for renewal of the inner self.

It is also the home to many temples and religious places. This Indonesian island is very famous for its meditation and yoga retreats.

  1. Bask at the tender sands of island Kauai at Hawaii:

Kauai at Hawaii

If you are not much into crowded beaches, Kauai is the best place for you.

kauai , huwai

With the very evident fact that almost all of us have had Hawaii in our list of dream destinations, Kauai has some of the most beautiful beaches and landscapes to offer.

  1. The wild idea of travelling through Africa by rail:

rail-steam-safari-in africa

Africa is definitely not the place you would like wasting your money by buying yourself tickets for flight to places. The Rovos rail shall take you up from the south Africa to Victoria falls, buses shall make you enjoy the scenes through Zambia and pick an excellent safari through Tanzania.

The Ngorongo crater is where you can sit by at dusk and wonder at the horizon.