10 Odd Phobias You would Never Have come Across

Would you not consider yourself physically challenged if normal daily activities like crossing a road or cooking were not possible on your part just because they scare the hell out of you? Almost every second person alive is living under some phobia or the other. But what if your own phobias enfeebled you so much as to not let you do your daily chores! Here is a list of 10 of the most unusual phobias that indeed very few of us would ever have come across.

  1. Mageirocophobia



This term dates back to Greece where “Mageirokos” is used for people who possessed

cooking skills. Although some degree of fear from cooking exists in every other individual, it is not graded as a phobia until it debilitates the sufferer. Mageirocophobia can vary in its features from fear/inadequacy for a particular ingredient to fear of the probable consequences. The various types are-fear of serving inedible food, presentation concerns, fear of bad recipes, fear of cooking process, fear of causing illness, etc. However, severe forms of this phobia can be life-limiting and lead to depression and anxiety issues.


  1. Agyrophobia



Derived from Greek word “gyrus” meaning turn or whirl, it is an extreme and quite irrational fear of crossing roads, streets and highways or the streets alone. The sufferer faces constant anxiety while crossing any path even if he is sure of the fact that it is absolutely safe to do so. Also known as Dromophobia, it includes doubts of self defence from road accidents and attacks. The phobia can take serious forms where the sufferers start getting afraid of being hit by vehicles and behave strangely on streets and roads.


  1. Deipnophobia



Considered to be a social phobia, deipnophobia means fear of carrying on a conversation while dining. “Deipno” in Greek signifies dinner or dining. Not just awkward dinner conversations, such people prefer eating alone in silence or expect others accompanying them to eat in silence. They tend to avoid the whole scene of dining together itself. They fear table etiquettes as well. Such people often end up being socially awkward at parties or any sort of such gatherings.


  1. Eisoptrophobia


It is very often confused with Spectrophobia, the fear of mirrors. Eisoptrophobia is the fear of your own reflection, be it through a mirror or water of a pond. They fear that their own body or face might have some disfigurement or fear being connected to the spiritual world via their reflection. This can be linked depersonalization issues as the person cannot recognize a reflection of the self. Irrational fear of being communicated to the supernatural world makes them anxious enough to destroy anything they can see their reflection through.


  1. Arachibutyrophobia



Indeed different from all others listed here, in fact a very strange one, arachibutyrophobia is fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof/palate (hard) of one’s mouth. Although it can be rooted to the fear of choking to death or fear of sticky stuffs, but in some cases this covers a larger aspect of fear from any peanut product at all. Again, it varies in intensity from some people who are able to consume only tiny amounts of the butter to yet others who nauseate at even the mere sight of it. Peanut butter being not as essential and integral part of a necessary functional  diet can be done without by just restraining from picking a bottle at the store.


  1. Cathisophobia



Otherwise also known as Thaasophobia, cathisophobia is the fear of sitting down with the dread of being trapped or sitting still often acting as the principal trigger for this phobia in school students. It may relate to past occurrence of haemorrhoids in some cases and punishment in yet others. It might also indicate the fear of feeling undermined while having to sit amongst dignified people.



  1. Pentheraphobia



Indeed one of the most frequently encountered phobias among the married population, pentheraphobia is the fear of mother-in-law. It may be found associated with other phobias such as Vitricophobia(fear of father-in-law), soceraphobia(fear of parents-in-law), novercaphobia(fear of stepmother). The phobia manifests in severe cases as cases of arrhythmia, anxiety attacks, shortness of breath, sweating, dry mouth, nausea, etc.


  1. Demonophobia



The undue persistent fear of demons or evil supernatural beings is known as demonophobia. It exists in superstitious people who believe in the existence of supernatural forces and also that such forces can cause us any form of harm. It has been quite rare ever since the sixteenth century. It may be found associated with stygiophobia, the fear of hell.


  1. Pediophobia



Believed to be a part of automatonophobia, pediophobia is the irrational fear of dolls or humanoid figures in general. The sufferer is consistently afraid of all kinds of figures carrying resemblances to any human like construction e.g., manniquines, marionettes, wax figures, robotic figures, etc. Children, especially girls usually known to love dolls are found agitated, ina state of sheer anxiety around dolls and similar stuff if they suffer from this phobia. This varies in severity from some people afraid of just any kind of doll in general to some others who are afraid to only certain specific kind of dolls.


  1. Automatonophobia



It is the fear of a ventriloquists’s dummy. This was the very concept of the Hollywood horror flick, Dead Silence. Ventriloquism involves mimicking one’s voice into a dummy by inserting one of the hands up the dummy’s butt. Almost all of us have at some point or other experienced a certain level of nervousness regarding such stuff. The cause behind such phobia is still unknown, although sometimes it may be triggered by frightening portrayals of such inanimate objects.




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