10 Famous People who never existed

There is a vast array of lists of people and things which have influenced human lives in a very remarkable manner. But on the other hand there also is a long list of the people who have influenced man yet they never existed! You would never disagree with this fact after witnessing the transformation of normal people into real life Barbie doll and Kim as well.

  • Santa Claus


Almost every other child has a memory or two of being frightened into behaving well lest Santa would not leave home any gifts for the Eve. Of course this method is very effective in halting aimless tantrums from the little naughty kids. Nevertheless, Santa and his gifts have always been the most awaited part of Christmas every year.

  • Barbie


This all so famous doll of all times has got all possible lifestyle priorities that women would love. No doubt about the way she influences young girls, but it definitely crossed limits when Valeria Lukyanova did what she has done to herself to transform herself into the human Barbie.

  • Robin Hood


Most of us would deny admitting if he actually existed. Virtue or vice comes the question now. If stealing from wealthy people to redistribute the stuff among the poor and needy is a virtue, then we are quite sure every robber would state this as the reason of the committed theft. His deeds can never be justified on the basis of the wealth status of the victim.

  • Cowboys


For all the guys out there, all of you must have played this “Cowboys and Red Indians” game during the childhood. The cowboy has always been known to common people as a great hero who always sported a shining gun and represented Western ideals: manliness, protection of women and children, defence of justice. We of course cannot argue about the invincible influence of the cowboy movie genre on children, but the concept that cowboys actually exists seems a disagreeable rumour.


  • The Marlboro Man


The sole motive of the “Marlboro Man” campaign was to transform a so called feminine lifestyle with the punch line-mild as may- into a masculine one. It was the habit of women smoking cigarettes with filters that men had to adapt into contrary to the belief that “real men” did not smoke cigarettes with filters. The campaign is considered to be the best and only one of its kind as it actually got men into smoking cigarettes with filters.


  • Rosie the Riveter


Let’s hear it for the girls this time! Rosie the riveter is a vividly popular face that never existed. It got women into working all male dominated jobs during the Second World War and is considered to be very influential.


  • Daedalus and Icarus


Man’s ability of covering miles of distances within relatively short spans of time could never have happened if it was not for Daedalus and Icarus. The story describes a dedicated father Daedalus building artificial mechanical wings for his beloved son Icarus. This tale has certainly inspired man to touch the sky and fly.


  • The Little Engine That Could


This children’s tale teaches them to be optimistic and believe on the self which would result in success in the very challenging tasks as well. Considered to be a metaphor to “American Dream”, this book first appeared in 1906 as a slightly different version than today. It subsequently inspired other works on self-belief and optimism.


  • Big Brother


This immensely influential fictional character was created by George Orwell for his novel “Nineteen Eighty Four”. Big Brother has been an intense influence every time the government passed a stringent law that estranges people of their eternal rights. We all recognize that strict face, we all know what he represents and we all are afraid of the way our lives might be influenced by this character.


  • Romeo and Juliet

romio and ju

The legendary love story seems to force relationships into separation rather than an eternal bond of togetherness. This couple has always been thought of as the perfect one and people idolize them to an extent that they go too passionate and romantic and when it all fades away, they believe everything has failed. It is to be understood that relationships last more where there is respect and love, not just cheesy dialogues!