10 Dangerous Domestic Stuff We Use On A Regular Basis

Ever wondered that things in your own wardrobe and kitchen could possibly be life- threatening for you? I bet most of you reading this would be hands on their head shocked to find the most commonly used things at the household on this list. From the daily minimalist makeup we use to food that lure our palates very frequent, the list is definitely going to turn you dumb and think twice before using or even consuming those stuff again. Listed here are top 10 dangerous domestic stuff we use on a regular basis.

  1. Air Freshener



“Extremely fragrant inflammable chemical cocktails” is what they should rightly be named. We so often use them just for the sake of that sweet smell in our households. Well, there are several other ways to keep notorious smell off the sweet premises and we would sincerely suggest everyone to maintain general household hygiene so that one would not need to use a freshener at all.


  1. Chocolates



We bet most of you ladies out their would have had your faces sulken at the sight of this particular item on this list. But, worry not dear beauties because this thing is dangerous only for your pets. The dangerousness of the chocolate is directly related to the intensity of its darkness. The darker it goes, the more harm it poses to your dear pet.


  1. Nutmeg



Particularly popular for the aroma and flavour it enriches any dish it is used for, Nutmeg seeds are naturally hallucinogenic convulsant. Heavy doses of this pleasant spice could infact pose a threat to your own life. When consumed in excess, Nutmeg can cause fits, epileptic seizures as well as even prove fatal.


  1. Lip Sticks



Are your lips getting gradually darker or unevenly pigmented due to regular or occasional lipstick use? Chances could be that your lipstick contains good amount of lead above the permissible limit. Yes, the lipstick that brought the gorgeousness on your face and added to your attire might just lead you to “Lead toxicity”. So, ladies better get your hands on some research before falling for the next piece of beauty.


  1. Rapeseed oil



Being one of the oldest vegetable oils in history, rapeseed oil is very less frequently used due to its high content of euric acid and glucosinolates which make it toxic and less nutritious. Rapeseed pollens are known allergens and inhaling them could cause asthma. Besides causing death in toxic amounts, they could cause blindness as well.


  1. Chili Peppers



This would turn kind of disappointing for the people with a “hot and sour” kind of palate. You better lessen the amount of chili peppers you consume every meal or it might land you up in a hospital. Most of you must be familiar of the gastritis scene it creates though. Capsaicinoids are the group of substances that give chili peppers their original flavour and the irritative nature when used topically. These substances, especially the chemical capsaicin, have been proved to cause death if used overtly.


  1. Nail Polish



Sigh! Even those pretty colors that give your nails the amazing shimmer and beauty could give you headache, cracked skin, numbness, eye or throat irritation, etc. That’s something none would have expected. But to our satisfaction these effects are seen only on direct ingestion or direct contact of the nail paint liquid with the eye. These effects have been claimed to occur due to the presence of toluene in most of the nail polish liquids.


  1. Mushrooms



We would like to extend to you the sincere advice to consume those varieties of mushroom sold in your grocery nearby instead of just consuming the hand-picked “fresh” pieces from your backyard. Maximum species of mushroom are poisonous and can possibly kill humans.


  1. Salmon fish

Fresh salmon fillet


Farm-raised salmon, though the most conveniently and easily available source of the popular protein and omega-3 fatty acid rich fish may not be the right choice for you. Farm raised sources have been shown to contain some obscure toxins potentially harmful to us humans. So, better catch them and eat them than buy them to eat them!


  1. Lillies



Good friends and relatives bring us home lillies of the spring and we decorate our cozy spaces with them in beautiful vases. But if you have got a bunch of kids or pets around, just keep them away from those flowers as ingestion of these flowers can give your tiny tots pathetic stomach aches and even contact dermatitis on rubbing through the skin. Most members of the lily family are toxic and should be avoided in households where kids and pets exist.